DevOps Transform

Embrace, accelerate, deliver DevOps

Most organisations we work with have started some elements of a DevOps journey - whether that's some organisational change, the beginnings of a continuous delivery pipeline or testing automation. Our DevOps Transform offering is a bespoke consulting engagement that begins with DevOps Assess  and delivers a sequence of DevOps improvement waves that complete a DevOps journey. Each wave is fit assessed and the sequence is driven by the theory of constraints as the method of prioritising bottleneck by bottleneck.

DevOps Transform takes into consideration of the three main elements of a DevOps implementation:

  1. Organisation
  2. Interactions
  3. Automation

The engagement includes detailed metrics analysis and the determination of the metrics that define your organisation's success alongside a clear, concise investment case for each wave of effort and any additional tooling needed.

DevOps Transform delivers the following capabilities:

  • Deploy on demand
  • Quality and security built in
  • Smart, fast and safe failure
  • Looking outside-in
  • Measuring idea value