Experience the Apollo 13 Business Simulation

Free Open Programme (for up to two members of your team). May 21st 2019 in London.

The Apollo 13 simulation will give your Ops team an unforgettable team experience, witnessing the power of continual process simplification and improvement, through collaboration with Dev and all interdependent teams, and having fun doing it! The team will:

  • Use their diverse skills and knowledge to continually improve services

  • Solve problems earlier and faster through collaboration

  • Give clear, constructive feedback, fast

  • Start to change the team culture from do-do-do to plan-do-check-act

  • Focus on customer priorities and quality outcomes that add business value

The Apollo 13 simulation makes a great team building activity, or kick-off event for a Service Management continual improvement plan, and to engage the Ops team in DevOps evolution.

Each simulation is tailored to your specific team and organisational improvement objectives. We then bring the very latest thinking in experiential learning, and the facilitators' extensive experience in getting the best business value.  

To learn more, please just click below to watch the recording of our recent Apollo 13 webcast.

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This event is free for up to two members of your team. To book your place, please fill out the form to the right.

"Apollo 13 has the ‘wow factor’! Since our Apollo 13 team away days the teams are working much more closely together. They had fun AND learned how to improve complex projects and processes. A double win! As one of my team put it: ‘The best team event I’ve ever been on!"

Alan Shrimpton, Interim Head of Transformation British Transport Police


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