A DevOps evolution is all about incremental change and improvement over time. To keep that momentum going will require effort, thinking and collaboration from everyone in your organisation. You'll want to put the Theory of Constraints into practice and you'll need to workshop through your bottlenecks. We have a range of workshops ready for you based on the DevOps paths previously travelled that you can use to accelerate your own evolution. Choose from:

  • DevOps: The Harmonious, Polygamous Marriage of Agile, ITSM and Lean
  • Being DevOps Leaders
  • Defining Metrics that Matter
  • The Three Ways
  • What Does DevOps Culture Look Like?
  • Shifting Left

We are frequently asked to participate in 'lunch and learn', 'brown bag' and cake afternoons and present on DevOps topics and always happy to. Email us at hello@ranger4.com or use the button over to the left.