Creative Leaders Creative Teams Workshop

April 11th 2019, Royal West of England Academy. Cost: £950 per person (plus VAT).

Rediscover and recharge your creativity on this short, intensive workshop with the Royal West of England Academy, working with artists at the top of their creative game and with leadership and business development experts, Ranger4.   

This unique workshop includes:

  • A group artistic project in 2 and 3D. Explore the emotions and reactions that block or enable creativity, build on the creativity of others and quickly build a confident, creative team

  • Lunch and private tour of the RWA Collection

  • A project involving outdoor photography. Learn how to use constraint, structure and time pressure to remove blocks, hone deeper observational and interpretive skills, remove preconceptions and self-imposed limits and open up possibilities

  • Group reflection with artists and facilitators – exchange of ideas and techniques for generating and sustaining creative thinking, leading and working back in the office

  • After-hours private gallery tour

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