Deploy on Demand

No more scripts, no more release weekends

Consistent, predictable, reliable, super fast deployments whenever you want

In the past, we have seen highly talented operations and administration resources eliminate manual release tasks by writing a script, and then another script. Many larger organisations have gone a few steps further and written some of their own tooling themselves - building task libraries, creating graphical user interfaces into their scripts and integrations into other tools for build and configuration management. But the scripts still suffer from the same issues around failures, troubleshooting and auditability.

Implementing release and deployment automation means organisations can:

  • Release when they like
  • Predictably, consistently and very, very fast
  • Rollback (or deploy) in the event of failure to the last known good state instantly
  • Provide a full audit trail for compliance purposes
  • Incorporate NFRs around performance and security early
  • Stop having 'release weekends' - the process becomes like breathing