So you want to do devops? You know that devops will help you deliver better software faster and more safely but you might not know where to begin, or even if you are ready. The DevOps Assessment from Ranger4 is designed to help organisations get started on a devops journey.

  • Baseline your current state
  • Discover and articulate your desired future state
  • Develop a devops transformation roadmap especially for you

At Ranger4 we recognise that cultural change is a core component of successful devops transformations so we quantify your state here too. We approach the assessment from three angles (we often refer to this as OIA):

  1. Organisation
  2. Interactions
  3. Automation

We use a series of maturity matrices for CALMS and all steps of the Ideation to Realisation process to visualise your current state and help you to know how to make positive change and improvement.

The assessment typically takes this format:

  • A kick off meeting with the devops assessment stakeholders
  • A devops briefing for all interviewees
  • Around twelve 45 minute interviews with a range of IT and business representatives
  • Preparation of our Findings Report and DevOps Transformation Plan
  • Presentation of the Report and Plan to the stakeholders