DevOps capabilities evolve in an incremental way that takes months if not years. It's vital that energy and enthusiasm is sustained as changes and improvements are made and coaching helps with this in addition to making some of the change happen.

At Ranger4 we don't believe in doing DevOps for you - it's you, your colleagues and partners and your whole organisation who will adopt DevOps principles to reach your DevOps target operating model. We believe change comes from within. But we can keep you focussed when business as usual threatens to swamp you, help you to navigate through the murkier waters and bring our best practice and expertise to you to spread through your organisation. We maintain change momentum, pivot and keep your eyes on your Definition of Awesome.

A coach does not simply diagnose problems and prescribe solutions but works with the teams to supply frameworks and tools to support their own discovery of improvements and ensure ongoing sustainability.

Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds - some are more technically minded and can accelerate the completion of a DevOps toolchain and others are behavioural specialists and highly experienced in the kind of organisational change that transforms culture and flow. We fit our coaches to your specific challenges and can change our coaching model as your capabilities change over time. We'll define your coaching engagement according to the outcomes you want to see. Your coaches will encourage you to make those outcomes value-based.

We execute our coaching in an agile manner, treating the change as incremental and evolutionary. Our coaches build transparent backlogs of work with you and work in sprints that work for you. Coaches are big drivers of continuous improvement so they'll help make your organisation make healthy, active and experiment driven retrospection a habit. They are also data driven and metrics obsessed so you'll find yourself measuring outcomes against milestones and your Definition of Awesome on a regular basis.

Generally our coaches work three days a week which helps them maintain their own high levels of energy and enthusiasm and keep up to date with the latest tools, techniques and frameworks to pass on to you and power your success. Coaching engagements are typically three to eighteen months long and often include multiple coaches who may switch and evolve roles during the course of the engagement.

We offer coaching packages around:

  • DevOps
  • Agile - for dev, for ops and for the business
  • Lean (and Kanban)
  • Change management
  • Organisational improvement
  • Cultural change

If there's something else you'd like coaching on, let us know - we're here to help.