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How can you know where to go if you don't know where you are? We are masters in baselining current state and have a raft of tools that help us quantify your capabilities in our three areas of focus: Organisation, Interactions, Automation (OIA). Our assessments, workshops and reviews help you start your DevOps transformation journey or accelerate you and reinvigorate you if your efforts have been getting a bit bogged down.

You may have heard of John Willis' 'elevator acronym' for DevOps; CALMS. The M in there is for measurement. You need metrics to quantify where you are so that you can set goals for your DevOps evolution and know when you have success and celebrate it. You also need to learn how to embrace failure as a proxy for experimentation and hypotheses.

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Don't know where to start? Start where you are. Our Ranger4 Discovery and Assessment services baseline your current state, articulate your desired future state and define your roadmap for DevOps evolution - all underpinned by value based metrics you can use to report on your success.

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In just one day you can get up to sixteen of you on the same page to learn what DevOps means for you. Nine customisable exercises make this facilitated workshop a whirlwind of fun that spits your DevOps roadmap out at the end. Phew!

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You've probably built a bit of your toolchain already, got a bit of CI running but you might need another  pair of eyes to really get the thing purring. Our  toolchain review tells you where the gaps are and  how to polish it up and make everything super fast.  And how to measure from ideation to realisation.