Are you a change agent trying to whip up a DevOps storm in your organisation? We know your job is hard and you may feel you're putting your head above the parapet trying to make improvements happen and ensure that your organisation thrives on a disrupted, digitised planet. We can help! Our DevOps LiftOff workshop has been designed so that you can, in one day, have a group of up to sixteen people collaborate and figure out exactly what DevOps means to you.

Who should attend the workshop? 

IT developers and operations staff of course, but also other IT staff involved in the software development lifecycle such as testers, release managers, architects will also benefit. Some organisations also like to include the lines of business that are driving requirements for software innovation. Ideally there should be four to twelve people in a workshop. A senior IT or business owner may not want to attend the whole session but their participation at the start and end of the day is extremely useful. 

What will you get out of it?

By the end of the day you’ll have an understanding of what DevOps is all about and some high-level ideas and plans on how you can apply DevOps principles to your business for the better. Your facilitator will also leave you a report summarising the day's findings including the following deliverables:

  1. Your personalised DevOps definition and vision statement
  2. Your baseline DevOps and business metrics
  3. A high-level investment case for your DevOps transformation
  4. Defined DevOps goals
  5. Your DevOps transformation roadmap and action plan

Where is the workshop?

Where do you want it to be? We can run the workshop on your site wherever you are on the planet (we just need a room big enough for all of us, a projector/screen and a whiteboard - will bring the other materials we need) or at our offices in London. If you want a virtual workshop we can do that too.