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When innovation and stability collide it creates conflict - and it's the conflict DevOps is here to resolve. So, if continuous delivery of innovation to market is the end goal, how ready is your business to get there?

In the Ranger4 E3 Explore suite of services solutions is the DevOps Discovery and Assessment engagement. We have physical and virtual components that, depending on the scale of your assessment, you may wish to combine. Our virtual assessment is delivered in partnership with DORA, the people behind the annual State of DevOps Report.

  • Start with a Vision Workshop with the key stakeholders
  • Conduct a series (usually twelve) of conversations with key characters from IT and Business
  • And/or extend the physical assessment using the DORA virtual, emailed survey to an unlimited set of respondents 
  • Deliver a report with our findings, your personalised DMI score, a roadmap of fit assessed, prioritised work streams which constitute your DevOps Evolution
  • An investment case clearly outlining the anticipated return from the DevOps promise
Ranger4's DevOps Assess is designed to assist organizations with ambitions to embrace the DevOps movement who want to create a DevOps culture and benefit from the change that will bring:
  • Faster innovation to market 
  • Delighted customers 
  • Happy employees 
  • Increased competitiveness

Ranger4's DevOps Assessment delivers:

  • A baseline assessment of where an organization is on several measurements on the Ranger4 DevOps maturity scale
  • A set of metrics and KPIs to be used throughout a DevOps transformation and beyond
  • A DevOps Maturity Index (DMI) measurement that can be used to monitor and report on progress.
  • A Vision of a future desired state
  • A Roadmap to transform to that desired state 

DevOps isn’t a tool or a person, but through process improvement, supported by software, enormous benefits can be achieved. The assessment ensures that software investments are truly aligned with an organization's business strategy and measurement is key to that - continued, quantified measurement of progress and capability.

To find out more about the Maturity Assessment review this presentation, watch this webcast or request Ranger4 to perform an assessment with you.