Evangelising DevOps Ways of Working with your customers

Friday 25th October 2019
3.30 PM BST

Evangelising. Hmmmm. This is the first word we need to reflect on. DevOps is partly about the technology and automation but MOSTLY about culture change, and continuous learning that goes with it. This means winning hearts and minds and inspiring people to try new ways of working; whether these people are your internal or external customers. You don’t lead people to change by ‘telling’. They need to experience the value and benefit for themselves.  

So how to create situations where people can experience these new ways of working, without being ‘told’? This webcast will explore some of the fundamental principles of Organisation Change Leadership. It will take examples where Ranger4 clients and other organisations have succeeded in doing exactly this.

Join us for an exploration of:

  • The normal pattern and pace of change evolution.
  • ‘Experiments’ - how these can inspire change and remove fear of failure.
  • De-risking the new by generating the right kinds of data through the right kinds of metrics.
  • Evidence – using interventions such as value stream mapping to provide collaborative, immersive evolution rather than transformation?

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