Measure Idea to Value

See real time the business return on IT

Delivering features iteratively means you can report on the cost to deliver and the business value achieved in return

Moving to iterative, Agile methodologies enables us to track a feature from inception all the way through to live and measure its cost of travel through the process. Features should be specified by end users and the business and to ensure operational efficiency it's imperative to be able to both prioritise the features based on anticipated value to the end user and therefore business and also to report back on the actual value (or not) received over time. Integrating the software manufacturing pipeline and having an effective application monitoring tool that can identify changes at the business transaction level is essential to being able to report back to your stakeholders on the impact of that new piece of code you have put into production.

Implementing Continuous Delivery with monitoring means organisations can:

  • Report on the business value a single idea or feature delivered
  • And the associated costs from inception to delivery and into management - real time
  • Make educated decisions about what works and what doesn't