DevSecOps Community Survey 2019: The Largest DevOps Survey Ever

Posted by Helen Beal on Thu, Mar 7, 2019 @ 13:03 PM

With 5,558 people answering 41 questions, the DevSecOps Community Survey 2019 is the largest of its kind, ever. As expected, the results are fascinating and well worth reading by anyone interested in software development and the ever-changing role of application security. The report offers new insights into the attitudes of today’s software professionals, covering topics such as best practices and the importance of security in the industry at large.

Some of the most noteworthy findings from the 2019 report include the fact that Elite DevOps practices now favour automation over manual processes by a huge 700%. Another section of the report tells us that 1 in 4 have experienced a web breach in the past year, and nearly half of developers believe security is important but don’t have any time to spend on it. These are staggering statistics, providing invaluable insights into an industry that, until now, has only produced smaller scale surveys and reports.

To learn how the DevSecOps Elite differ from those without DevOps practices, this report is a must-have. You’ll also uncover what happens when organisations fully integrate automated security testing, and if breach rates are on the rise as many are claiming.

Learn more about the survey and download the report here.