Ranger4 is an Atlassian Expert Partner

Posted by Helen Beal on Fri, May 13, 2016 @ 09:05 AM

Ranger4 is over the moon to announce our new status as an Atlassian Expert Partner. You can find us in the Atlassian Expert Partner catalogue here. You can review our Atlassian capabilities and request assistance from our Atlassian page here.

This partnership has been carefully chosen following feedback from many of our customers and the results of devops toolchain surveys we have conducted that showed us that Atlassian has the devops toolset of choice and the most advanced capabilities to integrate as a devops toolchain. At Ranger4 we help customers reach devops nirvana - the ability to measure ideation to realisation, and the Atlassian toolset is the foundation for this advanced capability.

Wherever you are on your devops and Atlassian journey we can help. For example you may want:

  • A Jira healthcheck: Many organisations start using Jira, mature rapidly and need a little assistance getting things tidy for optimised usage and compliance
  • To migrate to Bamboo: You may have started with Jenkins or TeamCity or another CI server and feel it's time to use the Atlassian capabilities integrated via Jira and Confluence
  • Training on Jira Service Desk: Now that development teams have gone Agile, it's time for the ServiceDesk and operations teams too
  • Licencing support: As your Atlassian installation evolves, you may need some assistance buying the right licences for your needs
  • Add-ons: There's a vibrant Atlassian community out there so let us know if there's something you need to integrate to and we will help make it happen

We're Atlassian Experts now, so let us know what you need and, as always, we will do our very best to assist.

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