Public DevOps Simulation: The Phoenix Project Game, September 2017

Posted by Gedi Kalinauskas on Wed, Sep 27, 2017 @ 13:09 PM

Ranger4 Phoenix Project Game Taster September 2017 .png

At the beginning of September, we had a taster day for The Phoenix Project Game in London - it gave a group of people an understanding of how the game works and the kind of expectations they should have when running the game in their own teams. Feel like you've missed out? Don't worry - we have another one coming up in October; register for it using this link, hurry - spaces are limited!

To read Helen Beal's in depth blog about the day please, use this link

Below, you'll find further comments from the games's players: 

Simon Berry, from Freshfields:

               “Interesting session, clever how the game is organised. It was clear to see how disorganised everyone was through the 4th round, which had a plan, more structure & organisation.”

David Bodle, from FCA:

               “At the beginning of the simulation it was hard to know where to start and how to work as a group…. As the day went on you could see more and more teamwork in the room. The game strongly demonstrates how important collaboration, work ownership and being able to hear others talk/shout is.”

Shane Poole from Ordnance Survey:

“I personally thought it was a great exercise and it helped me to reinforce/remind me of things I already knew as well as giving me some new things to think about.”

Play The Phoenix Project Game 


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Ranger4 and DORA Team Up to Deliver Enhanced DevOps Assessments

Posted by Malcolm Namey on Tue, Feb 28, 2017 @ 17:02 PM

We're over the moon here at Ranger4 to announce a new partnership with DORA, the team behind the Puppet Labs State of DevOps report. Ranger4 are a reseller of DORA's virtual assessment - we've been running physical, onsite assessments for many years at Ranger4 with companies as diverse as FIS, LEGO, LV=, Arup, Saga and BAT but, while we believe that face to face interaction is invaluable, there's a constraint to the amount of people we can talk to over a few days.

With DORA though, that constraint is smashed as we can virtually interview hundreds of people across an organisation in a matter of days through email driven survey techniques and use data modelling tools honed through 20,000 respondents from 2,000 organisations over several years of State of DevOps Reports. We can compare business units' performance across an enterprise and against high performers in a particular organisation's industry.

Kevin Rowlandson at Arup says:

"Recognising the need to adopt DevOps across a globally distributed organisation is one thing. Working out how to start the journey is quite another. To overcome concerns like: 'Are we ready for DevOps?', the team at Ranger4 helped us to not only identify where we sit on the maturity scale, but also helped us define a clear journey to overcome these first hurdles."

We recommend running the physical and virtual assessments in parallel in order to gain the most rounded view of your organisation's current states - we'll provide you with one report summarising the findings across each unit and the best practices you can share. We'll clearly identify the highest value opportunities for improvement and help you make the changes you need to make your business as productive as possible.

Adam Auerbach at Capital One says:

"DORA focussed our efforts on the right work which resulted in accelerated maturity. The work with DORA gave us insights that now our teams are better informed, which is resulting in a quicker path to Continuous Delivery."

Chivas Nambiar at Verizon says:

"DORA gave us a way to measure things that we just couldn't measure before. Now we had visibility into what was happening in our software engineering lifecycle."

DORA CEO, Nicole says about the new partnership:

"We are super excited to partner with the team at Ranger4 to offer assessments that pair our survey-driven, scientific approach with their physical, on-site techniques. This combination will provide unique value to organizations seeking to truly understand how to drive their technology transformations forward."

The team behind DORA is Dr Nicole Forsgren, an expert in metrics and psychometrics in software delivery and IT impact, Jez Humble, co-author of Continuous Delivery and Lean Enterprise and Gene Kim, Co-author of The Phoenix Project and The DevOps Handbook.

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Ranger4's Helen Beal Nominated to DevOps Institute's Board of Regents

Posted by Malcolm Namey on Thu, Feb 19, 2015 @ 20:02 PM

Yesterday the DevOps Institute announced its Board of Regents. The board is charged with guiding the Institute’s path regarding curriculum development, as well as ensuring that all DevOps Institute certified courses meet the highest standards of quality. All DevOps Institute courses and tests are reviewed and passed by the board. Over time the board will add additional members of the community to ensure that it always represents a broad view of the DevOps community and the latest best practices. Ranger4's Head of DevOps, Helen Beal, sits on the board of regents alongside other DevOps luminaries such as Gene Kim, Rohit Antao, Sanjeev Sharma, Gary Gruver, Lou Hunnebeck, Matthew Selheimer, Judy Sanker, Donna Knapp, Lori MacVittie, Chris Riley and JP Morgenthal.

What is the DevOps Institute?

The DevOps Institute is bringing enterprise level DevOps training and certification to the IT market. Working with thought leaders from the DevOps community, the IT Service Management field and the IT training market, the DevOps Institute is setting the standard in quality for enterprise grade DevOps education and training.

Why now?

DevOps as a movement has flourished over the last 4 or 5 years in spite of or perhaps because it has defied precise definition. There is no manifesto or similar treatise that lays out the immutable facts of DevOps. In fact the community has coalesced around a Wikipedia article as a non-definitive, definitive definition. However, DevOps does not exist in a vacuum. The founders of the DevOps Institute believe that for DevOps to reach its true potential best practices will have to be codified. Training based on these best practices will lead to better and consistent results. Enterprises will demand that DevOps training develop in line with traditional IT training including certifications evidencing proficiency.

The DevOps Institute was founded by Lisa Schwartz, Jayne Groll and Alan Shimel. Lisa and Jayne have a long and successful history in the IT training arena, having founded the ITSM Academy over 10 years ago. Prior to that both Lisa and Jayne had long careers in the IT field. Shimel is the founder of, the leading source of DevOps related content on the Internet. Prior to that Alan has a 25+ year career in entrepreneurial  IT ventures in software development, data centers and managed services.

All three co-founders have a deep desire to see DevOps fulfill the mission of transforming the way IT is practiced. Not only for development, not just for operations, but for QA, security and even sales and marketing; all have a role in DevOps.

They strongly believe that for DevOps to gain full acceptance by enterprise organizations best practices based curriculums have to be developed. Enterprises will require certifications to not only show a return on their investment in training, but more importantly a certification in a DOI course will signify that the applicant has been trained in the highest quality, best practices based training available.

Initially the DOI offers DevOps Foundation and Certified Agile Service Manager courses. In the near future additional role-based classes in DevOps with attendant certifications will also be offered.

Helen Beal heads up the DevOps Transformation practice at Ranger4 and in addition to being delighted to be able to contribute to such an important part of improving the tangibility of DevOps, is excited to be able to start offering formal certifications to the myriad of Ranger4 customers who have been waiting for exactly this.

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Cloudbees Win More Funding - Staying Focused on DevOps

Posted by Andrew Cullum on Thu, Jan 29, 2015 @ 17:01 PM

Ranger4 partner, Cloudbees, have secured a major new venture capital financing round, a sign that their continued embrace of all things DevOps is working. CloudBees focus on supporting and hosting the open source Jenkins project, a continuous delivery platform.
What is Jenkins?

Basically if you’re managing a team of developers, Jenkins can help keep everything properly in line across the lifecycle of developing new code.

CloudBees got its latest funding round from existing investor Lightspeed Venture Partners, which was joined by Matrix Partners and Verizon Ventures. Combined with three previous rounds of investments - the last two of which each brought in $10M - CloudBees has raised more than $50M in capital.

The investment is important for multiple reasons:

1) It’s a validation of the devops movement and open-source Jenkins project

2) It reflects the desire of VC investors to continue supporting a company in CloudBees and providing it with a new infusion of cash after a major pivot

3) It’s a recognition that the pure-play application development PaaS market can be a tough place for startups.

Well done, Cloudbees! You're DevOpstastic.

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Ranger4 Launch DevOps Readiness Survey

Posted by Helen Beal on Mon, Oct 21, 2013 @ 11:10 AM

October 21, 2013

Today, Ranger4 launched their DevOps Readiness Survey, available to complete here. Ranger4 is driven by DevOps and on a daily basis witness the extraordinary improvements our customers bring to their lives and organisations when they embrace the DevOps philosophy.

The survey has been designed in line with Ranger4's People > Process > Technology philosophy and takes a mere five minutes to complete. It has been built with consideration of the best practices DevOps evangelists like Gene Kim and Jez Humble propound and highlights key cultural attributes seen in the most successful DevOps organisations.

Those who complete the survey are entered into a prize draw for a Raspberry Pi and a (retro!) Big Trak - great fun for adults and children alike. Respondents will also receive a tailored survey summary and Ranger4 will make the results of the survey available more widely at the start of 2014.

Ranger4 are DevOpstastic and determined to spread their love throughout the universe. Cosmic.

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Ranger4 Announce DevOps At High Speed Event

Posted by Steve Green on Mon, Oct 14, 2013 @ 16:10 PM

October 14, 2013

DevOps at High Speed at ClaridgesToday, Ranger4 are delighted to announce the opening for registrations of their latest event - DevOps at High Speed, to be held on Thursday November 14 2013 at the Claridge's Hotel in Mayfair.

This intimate, informal event at one of the most prestigious locations in London marks a seminal moment of Ranger4 taking their DevOps expertise to market and is aimed at a limited number of leading CIO's and IT Decision Makers in the UK.

On the agenda are speakers from Ranger4's partners, IBM and AppDynamics, delivering compelling, inspirational content on how DevOps changes lives for the better and how embracing the DevOps philosophy leads to long-lasting positive change that can be further embedded and enhanced through the implementation of optimised technologies.

When DevOps is properly understood and implemented it streamlines the delivery of innovation from the lines of business to the customer resulting in:

- Huge productivity gains

- Controlled risk and costs

- Smiley, happy people

You can apply for your seat at the event here.

Ranger4 are driven by DevOps - we're DevOpstastic and determined to spread our love throughout the universe. Cosmic.

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