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Atlassian Bamboo 5.14 is Here! What's New?

Posted by Helen Beal on Wed, Nov 2, 2016 @ 14:11 PM

Bamboo 5.14 is here and the update from Atlassian provides you with an easy way to track plan configuration and get all branch-related information in one place, so you can focus more on writing code and less on managing plans. For a complete list of what’s new and improved, see here.

View Plan as YAML (beta)

In previous versions of Bamboo, users did not have access to a granular view of plan configurations besides what they get from the Bamboo UI, which is very limited and cannot be parsed or accessed through code. With this release, users can now export plan configurations or deployment projects as a human-readable YAML file by selecting Configuration > Actions > View or via REST API. With the YAML file, users will be able to track plan changes and diff them against other plans. 'View plan as YAML' is just the first milestone to the Configuration as Code capability which will ultimately lets users export, import, version control your build configurations, and link YAML files to a version control system all through code. It is key to note that this feature is still in beta and only Administrators, at this time, will have access to it. You should provide your feedback as Atlassian will continue to improve the output format in future releases.

Branch Status Dashboard

With so many plans and builds, staying informed of branch plans status is a challenging and time-consuming task. The new branch status dashboard in Bamboo 5.14 provides developers with an easy way to monitor, view, search, and manage plans in a single, intuitive dashboard. It enables users to customize and add plans to a specific branch with ease so that validated code can be shipped faster. Atlassian have made the Branch Status feature accessible from plan-related pages so that users can get all branch-related information in just a few clicks.

Bamboo AWS Wizard

There's a new wizard in the 5.14 Bamboo release for for all you Amazon EC2 users out there. There are no special prerequisites, configurations or knowledge required to run Bamboo Server on AWS. Exciting stuff.

Subversion Repository Configuration Enhancements

In previous versions, to configure a build branch, users would have to type the full path of that particular branch, which was a painful and error-prone task. With Bamboo 5.14, Atlassian are providing the cability to automatically set Branch URL and Branch path by only typing the branch name so you can easily manage multiple projects at a granular level.

New API for Version Control System Repositories

Atlassian has made some changes to the repository API by adding new plugin points, new web repository viewers, and a rebuilt Bamboo repository subsystem. Due to these changes, Atlassian recommend that you check for any plugins incompatibilities, especially if they’re not officially supported by Atlassian, before installing Bamboo 5.14.

Plugins that are particularly prone to incompatibilities and require special attention are those that deal with:

  • Automatic plan creation and management
  • Automatic plan branch creation and management
  • Repository configuration management

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