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5 Myths About DevOps

Posted by Malcolm Namey on Thu, Oct 17, 2013 @ 12:10 PM

Ranger4 are DevOpsAt Ranger4 we're huge proponents of the DevOps movement, but as with any emerging term, there is some confusion in the marketplace as to what it's really about. Here's what it's not:

  • Myth #1 DevOps is a technical skill: There's been a recent explosion in the number of jobs advertised with 'DevOps' in the title. We take issue with this. DevOps is a methodology, not a skill. It's about teams, not individuals.

  • Myth #2 DevOps is all about automation: At the core of the DevOps philosophy is the need for teams that have traditionally been in conflict (developers are all about change, operations all about stability) to collaborate more effectively. It's about people first, then processes, and then, finally, when all that's squared away, the introduction of tools and technology that support the automation of the processes that have been defined.

  • Myth #3 DevOps is about 10 deploys a day: DevOps is about becoming more efficient with deployments and reducing risk. Quantified improvements vary from business to business and, sure, there are some technology based organisations out there (think Etsy, Google, eBay) who will want to do that many deployments a day, but there are plenty more enterprises where a deployment a week would represent a significant improvement - or even simply the reduction of a deployment time from a month to a day.

  • Myth #4: DevOps means learning new domain specific languages: DevOps is not about languages, it's about effective collaboration between development and operations teams across the whole application lifecycle

  • Myth #5 DevOps clashes with existing processes: It doesn't. For example, Agile and DevOps are a perfect match.

DevOps is a team sport. If the IT team works as a whole, it can do wonders for an organization.

The Phoenix ProjectFurther reading? We'd highly recommend that you read The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford if you'd like to know more about DevOps.

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