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The Benefits of Adopting Continuous Delivery

Posted by Helen Beal on Mon, Dec 2, 2013 @ 09:12 AM

We love the work our friends @devopsguys are doing to bring DevOps to the masses and particularly enjoy this infographic they created, and kindly gave us permission to reproduce here, explaining just how organisations benefit from Continuous Delivery. Our DevOps Readiness Assessment includes a report with a roadmap to a future desired state - most commonly a state of continuous delivery.

continuousdelivery resized 600

The DevOps Readiness Assessment is available for organisations of all sizes and running all technologies - it's typically a 10 day engagement following this process:

1) Identify business drivers and outcomes

2) Assess current state

3) Visualize future desired state

4) Identify potential inhibitors and roadblocks

5) Establish Roadmap to Adoption

6) Identify trackable metrics

7) Execute and measure

We are offering the DevOps Readiness Assessment for free for a limited time to eligible organisations - to request yours, go here.


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