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10 Drivers for Application Release Automation (ARA) Projects

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Thu, Feb 6, 2014 @ 11:02 AM

Many of our customers recognize the benefits of application release automation (increased frequency of releases, doing more with limited resources) as a standalone solution, often initial implementations part of a larger project with more identifiable direct business impact.


Lots of organisations are building Platforms As A Service (PAAS) so that they can serve their own customers, internal and external, with unparalleled agility. But just how are they spinning up and burning down environments at high velocity? By using an application release automation tool that means they really can respond to demand in minutes. No scripts, no manual effort, no mistakes.

2) Upgrades

We work with some of the biggest and best software vendors today and they continually innovate which is fantastic for our customers – it helps them continually compete. But many of our customers have also built huge and massively complex application environments to deliver what their business needs minute by minute and a major upgrade is a major headache. But not with applicaton release automation.

3) New Business Application

Even though we cherish many of our heritage applications – they have history, we’ve nurtured them over many years – sometimes it’s time to let go. But when that application is the beating heart of your IT architecture and absolutely critical to the day to day running of your business, it’s essential that migration is smooth. This is where application release automation gives you the confidence to hit the go live button.

4) New Architecture

Perhaps you are designing a new disaster recovery environment, building a new data center, migrating your applications off a legacy iSeries platform onto a shiny new UNIX architecture – whatever it is, this is a good time to build in an application release management tool to not only make the actual build faster and easier, but make your ongoing management so much more pleasant.

5) Outsourcing

So you’ve made a big decision – you’re going to let someone else manage your infrastructure. We're sure you’ve got all the necessary contracts and SLA’s in place and  your stakeholder are eagerly anticipating the savings you’re about to make. How about making some more? We’ve seen customers with hundred page documents for their outsource partners to follow to do an application deployment. Unnecessary. An application release automation solution means that your outsource partner can self-serve.

6) Audit and Compliance

Most of our customers find audit and compliance boring - it consumes time that they'ed rather be spending actually doing their job. Wouldn’t it be great if everything anyone did when they released an application or update was recorded so that when the auditors came round all the logs were instantly handy? That’s exactly what an application release management tool does.

7) Environment Consolidation

At times like these, everyone wants to do more with less. We see three places to take cost out of the IT business – infrastructure, software and people. Using an application release automation tool let’s you quickly see which applications and environments you don’t need, or move them fast to new virtualized, optimized platforms. Productivity improvements mean that you can release resources from onerous tasks to go and innovate.

8) Cloud

Just like with the PAAS, ARA helps you spin up your cloud faster.

9) DevOps

We're all about DevOps! But really how do you bring your development and operations people together? Get the process right, and then build your DevOps tool chain for Continuous Delivery – application release automation is an essential link.

10) Agile

Is Agile old hat? We don’t think so – we’re still seeing customers gearing themselves up for agile delivery and everything that comes with iterative development – including an increased volume and velocity of releases. Application release automation assures fidelity.

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