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A View on the Forrester Service Virtualization Report

Posted by Paul Hancock on Fri, Mar 14, 2014 @ 14:03 PM

In the last couple of years there’s been a real buzz around Service Virtualization (SV). The customer benefits are clear, quantifiable and achievable within a twelve month timescale. But does Forrester have the same opinion?    

Forrester published their first Service Virtualization study in January 2014. Now the dust has settled, what were the major points to take away from the first analyst study into Service Virtualization?

Forrester believes Service Virtualization and testing solutions provide developers and testers with tools to quickly simulate the services of a complex production environment, mainly for automating regression, integration, and performance tests. In doing so, SV enables companies to define complex test scenarios, provision more consistent production-like test labs more quickly, and test in fast-paced Agile environments to improve testing speed and product quality.

The main findings from Forrester are:

1. SV tools can make developers' and testers' lives a whole lot easier

2. SV is gaining momentum and clients are enjoying tangible benefits 

3. Rich features and strong DevOps strategies distinguish SV leaders

The tangible financial benefits customers are seeing include:

1. With the ability to test earlier and more frequently, organisations adopting SV are capturing and fixing defects earlier in the development lifecycle. In successful SV implementations this runs into hundreds of thousands of pounds for customers. A lower defect cost and fewer production incidents also improves the businesses confidence in IT's ability to deliver

2. Reduce the cost of test labs from a software and people perspective - whilst being able to take significant cost out of these environments SV enables organisations to do more with their existing test labs and reduce the time projects have to wait   

3. Reduce the cost of testing 3rd party services – an investment bank in 2013 reduced the cost of testing a major 3rd party service by 80%

Where to start with SV? Ensure you have the right people, willingness to change and senior stakeholders for the adoption of SV. These are all key components to the successful adoption of SV and will help to ensure the quickest return on your investment.  

Read the full report.                                                                                                                            




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