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#DevOpsFriday5 with Eric Minick

Posted by Helen Beal on Fri, May 16, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

Welcome to the first of the Ranger4 #DevOpsFriday5 series - we're kicking off today with Eric Minick. Take it away Eric!

1) What’s your preferred definition of DevOps?

I'm on the record as liking IBM's definition. But any definition that emphasizes collaboration across the organization in order to deliver software driven services faster and better, is one I like.

2) When people ‘do’ DevOps, what’s the most common mistake you see them make?

Creating a dedicated DevOps team to "be the DevOps." A DevOps team of this sort risks becoming yet another silo - exactly counter to the goals.

3) How do you recommend an organisation new to DevOps start?

Form a DevOps team, but have them focused on helping others adopt DevOps rather than own anything. A liaison team or center of excellence that helps the rest of the organization learn to embrace DevOps is a stronger approach. The long term goal of this type of DevOps team is to disband once the organization has transformed.

4) What’s your prediction for what DevOps will look like in 2020?

I think we can look to how Agile looks now for inspiration. For the most part, Agile is how innovative teams work. It's assumed. Even waterfall teams look more Agile today than they did a decade ago. There will be scaling challenges. Something like Scrum will appear that waters things down, monetizes it for consultants with certifications, but helps enterprises adopt.

5) Where do you like to go to get a DevOps hit? 

Twitter is where it's at. @sd_architect, @patrickdebois, @adrianco, @allspaw- and so many more.

Eric MinickAbout Eric:
Eric Minick is a DevOps Evangelist who joined IBM through its recent acquisition UrbanCode. Eric has spent the last ten years helping organizations large and small adopt continuous integration, delivery and now DevOps. He is a frequent speaker on the topic, and writes frequently on continuous delivery topics. Prior to consulting, Eric was a developer, test automation engineer and support engineer, and has contributed to multiple generations of UrbanCode products.

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