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#DevOpsFriday5 with Nitin Gonsalves

Posted by Helen Beal on Fri, Oct 24, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

It's the Ranger4 #DevOpsFriday5 series - today we will hear from Nitin Gonsalves. Take it away Nitin!

1) What’s your preferred definition of DevOps?

DevOps is a culture adopted by Software Companies where IT Development, QA and IT Operations collaborate early and often to ensure the seemingly opposing goals of innovation and stability are both achieved.

2) When people ‘do’ DevOps, what’s the most common mistake you see them make?

Hiring for a DevOps position instead of bringing in the culture. It's a culture that should be practiced by everyone in the company.

3) How do you recommend an organisation new to DevOps start?

Start with a POC in the form of a smaller scale project. Ensure that the Developer, QA and Operations analysts meet at a kickoff meeting to personalize everyone involved. Ensure that the team consists of at least one member who is familiar with the DevOps culture. Ensure that the project uses an Automated Deployment pipeline, Regression Test Automation scripts etc. to eliminate any possible opportunity for failure.

4) What’s your prediction for what DevOps will look like in 2020?

Teams based not on silos of function but on business area operations i.e. less Development and QA separated departments and more teams with a combination of Business, Dev, QA, and IT Operations members.

5) Where do you like to go to get a DevOps hit?

Ranger4 webinars, ThoughtWorks on LinkedIn and YouTube, IBM Urbancode webinars etc.

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