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#DevOpsFriday5 with Alan Shimel

Posted by Helen Beal on Fri, Oct 3, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

It's the Ranger4 #DevOpsFriday5 series - today's contributor is Alan Shimel. He's DevOpstastic!

1) What’s your preferred definition of DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural change to an organisation that allows both back-end and front elements of your team to better interact and serve your customers. This results in quicker innovation, automation and continuous improvements.

2) When people ‘do’ DevOps, what’s the most common mistake you see them make?

They spend too much time railing against why it won’t work instead of making it work

3) How do you recommend an organisation new to DevOps start?

Depends on the organisation. For larger more established teams I think you start with small bite size projects that if done successfully can be momentum builders to justify a larger shift within the organization. In smaller start up environments DevOps is almost a natural fit with today’s business environment. Many start ups do DevOps naturally rather than “adopting” it.

4) What’s your prediction for what DevOps will look like in 2020?

Like every other IT technology cycle it will be assimilated by the mainstream market as “the norm”. While people may not think it novel anymore, I think the principles of teams working closer together to deliver superior service or product to customers will be as important as ever. I think DevOps will ingrained in how IT and business is done.

5) Where do you like to go to get a DevOps hit?

As the editor-in-chief of DevOps.com, of course I find my DevOps hit there. But I also like the Ranger4 blog, DevOps café podcast and DevOps Weekly

Alan ShimmelAbout Alan:

As Editor-in-chief of DevOps.com, a regular contributor to Network World and Chief Executive Officer at The CISO Group, Alan Shimel is attuned to the world of technology, particularly cloud, security and open source. Prior to his current positions, Alan was the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at StillSecure, where he helped guide the company in bringing innovative and effective networking and security solutions to the marketplace. Shimel was the public persona of StillSecure as it grew from start up to helping defend some of the largest and most sensitive networks in the world, including many in the US Armed Forces.

Shimel is an often-cited personality in the security and technology community and is a sought-after speaker at industry and government conferences and events. In addition to his writing on DevOps.com and Network World, his commentary about the state of technology is followed closely by many industry insiders via his blog and podcast, "Ashimmy, After All These Years".

Alan has helped build several successful technology companies by combining a strong business background with a deep knowledge of technology. His legal background, long experience in the field, and New York street smarts combine to form a unique personality.

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