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Accelerate Your Applications with Ranger4 & IBM FlashSystem

Posted by Burhanuddin Sefudin on Fri, Jul 25, 2014 @ 14:07 PM

Today’s storage capacity and performance requirements are growing faster than ever before - and the costs of managing this growth are eating up more and more of the typical IT budget. Flash storage addresses your performance requirements, while software-defined storage simplifies data management, improves data security and preserves your investments in legacy storage. And now, flash technology and software-defined storage are available in one solution that provides flexible deployment architectures, extreme performance, simplified management and a fast return on investment (ROI).

  • IBM Real-time Compression: improve efficiency and control storage costs by increasing the effective capacity up to 5 times
  • IBM Easy Tier: automatically migrates data between storage tiers
  • Data Virtualisation: insulate applications from physical changes to your storage infrastructure
  • Thin Provisioning: enable dynamic growth, purchase only the storage you need when you need it
  • Highly Available Configurations: enable near-continuous data availability
  • Copy Services: provide space efficient backups
  • And so much more!!

What does this really mean?

Building the business justification is key; measuring IT (applications, databases and infrastructure) against the business is something the CIO gets asked on a regular basis; being able measure SLA’s and associating the technology deliverables against business activity is the key to success.

In any business, there will always be a request for the reason why there is a requirement for an IBM FlashSystem. It can be challenging to justify if you are only majoring on the technical speeds and the design, without some tangible business measurement. Just saying: ‘As a result, our organisation can gain a competitive advantage via a more flexible, responsive and efficient storage environment’ is probably not enough.

What if you could say: ‘If an IBM FlashSystem is purchased it would enable our organisation to gain competitive advantage, enabling the business to transact 30% - 40% times faster, clearly demonstrating increased revenues and transactions per hour, in real time’?

Increased Revenue with the IBM FlashSystem

Demonstrating the Needs and the Requirement

At Ranger4 we can follow the flow of your transactions across all tiers and services - even in a highly distributed environment – so you can identify bottlenecks at lightning speed. We can enable you to drill down to the corresponding application server call stack trace, giving you complete visibility from the browser to the application server to the database. This insight is crucial when understanding where to place an IBM FlashSystem unit to gain maximum application performance and delivery.

Once able to view your end-to-end application transactions it is possible to start collecting and presenting the key business data, ranging from revenues and transactions, per day, hour or minute, in relation to the speed and latency of the application/database environments - clearly demonstrating the business requirement and need to purchase an IBM FlashSystem.

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