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UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Thu, Oct 16, 2014 @ 13:10 PM

What is UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns?

IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns is an environment management and deployment solution that enables users to design, deploy and update full-stack environment for multiple clouds. Containing UrbanCode Deploy and a cloud pattern designer, UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns optimises your continuous delivery throughput by automating infrastructure on the cloud and uses open standards defined by OpenStack. Organisations use UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns to holistically manage and control their application workloads while users can design, deploy, and reuse environments quickly with improves collaboration, lifecycle management, and cloud portability.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns provides capabilities to:

  • Design full-stack application environments using a pattern designer to develop and update open, full-stack application environments in a diagram or text editor.

  • Deploy full-stack application environments for multiple clouds using a multi-cloud and hybrid strategy across your delivery pipeline.

  • Manage the environment lifecycle by updating existing environments and executing infrastructure changes based on changes to the pattern artefacts.

  • Support your end-to-end delivery pipeline by integrating with UrbanCode Deploy to support full-stack environment provisioning.

Key Features of UrbanCode with Patterns

Full-Stack Environments: Compute-Network-Storage to Application - UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns provides a single definition of the environment that can be used to spin up new environments or update existing ones.

Pattern Designer: Graphical and text - The cloud pattern designer enables you to define you environment blueprints, with a drag-and-drop designer or a text based code editor which are both available through the web interface.

Extending OpenStack Heat - Heat Orchestration Templates based on the OpenStack cloud-computing platform are used to define full-stack environment patterns or blueprints. UrbanCode Deploy adds extensions for other cloud providers as well as providing additional resource types to the stack that can be managed to include the application under development.

Compose with Blueprint Building Blocks – Full-stack engineering demands diverse skill set, meaning that specialists in one layer in one part of a stack may not know much about another. The pattern enables specialists to create a smaller pattern such as a standard web server this is used as part of a larger pattern.

Update environments in place – In UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns a new version of a pattern can be applied to an existing environment without shutting down an environment and re-provisioning it. If the only change is the addition of servers, components, or storage, those elements are simply added. If one type of server changes, those nodes can be torn down and re-provisioned while others stay. If all the base images change, the environment is rebuilt. The tool makes the minimum change required to bring the environment into compliance.

For more information and to see UrbanCode Deploy and Patterns, why not check out this 10 minute demo.

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