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#DevOpsFriday5 with Jayne Groll

Posted by Helen Beal on Fri, Oct 17, 2014 @ 10:10 AM

It's the Ranger4 #DevOpsFriday5 series - today we will hear from Jayne Groll. Take it away Jayne!

1) What’s your preferred definition of DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that improves IT's time to market through better communication, collaboration, integration and automation between software developers and IT operations professionals.

2) When people ‘do’ DevOps, what’s the most common mistake you see them make?

They underestimate, undervalue or do not understand what it takes to instill a new IT culture. Culture takes time and cannot be mandated or automated.

3) How do you recommend an organisation new to DevOps start?

Start by engaging members of Dev and Ops to do an analysis of the existing flow of work within and between the teams. This will identify obvious bottlenecks and waste. They can then discuss human and technical options for eliminating one bottleneck or one area of waste at a time.

4) What’s your prediction for what DevOps will look like in 2020?

DevOps will become a competitive advantage and mainstream effort for enterprise IT. Best practices will emerge and include cultural, technical and process guidance.

5) Where do you like to go to get a DevOps hit?

DevOps.com has great content from many different authors and perspectives. 

Jayne GrollAbout Jayne:

Jayne Groll is ITSM Academy’s co-founder and President. She holds numerous certifications and credentials including: ITIL Expert and Service Manager, Certified ScrumMaster, ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant and HDI Help Desk Manager. Jayne is very active in the ITSM and DevOps communities and is a frequent webinar and conference presenter. Prior to co-founding ITSM Academy, Jayne worked for more than 20 years as an IT Practitioner and held several IT senior management roles. Her experience spans a wide range of industries including legal, telecommunications, retail, non-profit, insurance and hospitality.

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