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Jenkins Enterprise Plugins from CloudBees

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Mon, Sep 29, 2014 @ 14:09 PM

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration (CI) tool. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees is a suite of enterprise-level plugins that secures and optimises Jenkins, eliminates downtime and helps manage Jenkins more effectively as well as providing access to the Jenkins experts (such as Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the founder of Jenkins) at CloudBees.

In this blog we will be going through some of the plugins that CloudBees offers to help with some of the issues Jenkins users may face.

Automatically Recover from Failures

Large development projects can sometimes push Jenkins resources to the max; this can cause unplanned downtime which can become quite costly. With the built-in high availability feature, a stand by Jenkins master automatically detects master failure and steps in to take over the failed instance without any assistance from an admin. This automatic detection of failure and recovery ensures development activities continue despite a crash.

Additionally you can use the backup scheduling and the restart aborted jobs plugins to backup Jenkins and view a list of jobs that were running when Jenkins crashed to pick up where you left off.

Secure Jenkins

Different development groups often need to share artefacts with other teams and the process they use to do this is, directing the upstream job to place the artefacts in a common area and then manually notifying the team working downstream that the artefacts are available. This process of sharing artefacts manually can be insecure; using the Secure Copy plugin allows teams to transfer artefacts securely, automatically and without manual notifications. A key-pair is generated out of band and set up in the sender and receiver jobs, thus only allowing the sender and receiver access to the artefact.

Provision Faster

You may have common configuration scenarios that are replicated to many different places. Although the configuration scenarios are replicated changes made in one configuration will not be replicated in other configurations, this change must be done manually which can be very time consuming as well as error-prone. The CloudBees Templates plugin allows administrators to define templates of jobs/build steps/publishers and replicate them while creating new job, thus allowing changes to be made once (in a central location) to all dependent configurations.

Organise Jobs

Jenkins doesn't provide built-in widgets to help users organise their project and jobs, which as the number of projects and jobs grow can make them harder to manage. Folders plugin provides the use of folders to create hierarchies or custom taxonomies to better manage large number of jobs.

Govern Jenkins

It is very hard to have control over plugins since teams developing products often end up working with different versions. This version control mismatch can result in subtle failures in applications which are often discovered late in the development cycle. Using the Custom Update plugin allows administrators to create update centres where they can upload plugins and optionally specify the version of the plugin available to downstream Jenkins instances, thus reducing time spent debugging and solving issues.

This blog focusses on a few of the many plugins that CloudBees offers, if you would like try Jenkins Enterpirse please click the launch button below. If there's a plugin you'd like but can't find, why not attend our Custom Jenkins Plugin webcast - register here.

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