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What’s DevOps Got to Do with Marketing?

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Thu, Oct 23, 2014 @ 16:10 PM

The internet has moved us all online so as a marketer we’re sure you’re working on your digital channels, have strategies for social and mobile and are increasingly focussed on your inbound activities. That’s a lot of technology right there: your core, increasingly critical eCommerce platform and other web applications, your inbound marketing tools and their integration with your CRM. You’ve possibly got call centre applications and complex integrations into third parties in your ecosystem too.

And this is all your fault. All this conflict between IT development and operations is caused by you and your incessant demands to innovate. You keep putting pressure on development to deliver shiny new exciting fandangles to your target markets and customers and they then put pressure on operations to make change to their fragile, complex systems and what do you get? Conflict and pain. So why should you care? Because ultimately, this is about you, the CMO, achieving your targets - increasing your market share, boosting your brand ratings - you and your CIO are stuck in symbiosis, whether you like it or not.

It turns out you CMO’s don’t like it. Well, lots of you. The need to get closer to your technologists that is. In August 2013 Accenture published a study that said only 57% of CMOs are interested in working with CIOs and while eight out of ten CIOs were interested in aligning efforts with marketing, only 45% of CIOs said that supporting CMOs was one of their top priorities.

The disconnect is most notable in organizations where IT is not considered strategic but a cost that needs to be controlled. But Accenture say this is putting businesses’ future at high risk and the connection between technology and marketing is irrefutable. So how does DevOps help you get closer to your CIO? And your CIO closer to you?

It seems you may have some issues working together on your projects - around 36% of CMOs say that IT deliverables fall short of the desired outcome and nearly 46% of CIOs say they need more details from marketing folks to meet business requirements. Is this about communication? Collaboration?

DevOps is about breaking down the barriers between IT Development and Operations and helping them work together better to get software released faster and more frequently. DevOps can also be about breaking down the barriers between CMO’s and CIO’s - helping you all work better together to get your innovation to your customer faster and win that market share.

Benefits of DevOps

  • Accelerated innovation to market
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Higher quality user experience
  • Delighted customers
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased flexibility
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