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#DevOpsFriday5 Round-Up 5: Where Do You Like to Go to Get a DevOps Hit?

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Thu, Jun 18, 2015 @ 15:06 PM

It's been over a year since we published our first #DevOpsFriday5 and to celebrate we've been publishing collections of our favourite answers to each of the questions - and have launched a whole new set for the twelve months ahead. This week we're tackling the last question from the original series, Question Five:

Where do you like to go to get a DevOps hit?

DevOps has been growing in popularity since the first DevOpsDays (over five years ago) and with this rapid growth the number of DevOps content sources has also increased like topsy, which led us to wonder where would someone new to DevOps start their search.

So we asked the enthusiasts participating in #DevOpsFriday5 where they go for their DevOps hit thereby building a list of resources (now neatly summarised here!) to help people new to the subject, or following it avidly, get started and keep up with the latest thinking.

Throughout the year we recieved many different responses, many of which we ourselves hadn't come across yet (so thanks guys!). Below is a list containing links to these sources. Be DevOpstastic!


Ranger4 (@ranger4ltd)
Gareth Rushgrove (@garethr)
Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim)
Adrian Cockcroft (@adrianco)
Simon Wardley (@wadders77)
Following #DevOps
Following #ContinuousDelivery

John Allspaw (@allspaw)
Theo Schlossnagle (@postwait)
Nathen Harvey (@nathenharvey)
Mitchell Hashimoto (@mitchellh)
Adam Jacob (@adamhjk)
Andrew Clay Shafer (@littleidea)
Luke Kanies (puppetmasterd)
Pete Cheslock (@petecheslock)
Jennifer (@sigje)
DevOps Borat (@devops_borat)
Daniel Berg (@dancberg)
Eric Minick (@EricMinick)
Sanjeev Sharma (sd_architect)
Alex Padaimoulis (@apapadimoulis)
Bob Aiello (@BobAiello)
Jez Humble (@jezhumble)
Martin Fowler (@martinfowler)
DevOps Leicester (@devopsleicester)
Jabe Bloom (@cyetain)
Will Evans (@semanticwill)
Patrick Debois (@patreickdebois)
Esther Derby (@estherderby)
Mark Burgess (@markburgess_osl)
Torbjörn Gyllebring (@drunkcod)
Dave Snowden (@snowded)
Liz Keogh (@lunivore)
Elisabeth Hendrickson (@testobsessed)
John Wills (@botchagalupe)
Agile Weekly 


DevOps Matters

Blogs/  Websites


IBM's DevOps Community

IBM DeveloperWorks
Ranger4's blog
Jeff Knupp's blog
Scaled Agile Framework 
AppDynamics blog
The Cloudcast
Scriptrock's blog




Camp DevOps
DevOps Days

Ranger4's Breakfast Briefing
XP Day
DevOps Meetups


The Ship Show
FoodFight Show
Ranger4 Webcasts
DevOps Cafe
IBM Urbancode
The Cloudcast


The Phoenix Project 


DevOps in the Enterprise

Talk to people

Many of the answers included talking to people in one form or another - collaboration and sharing being core DevOps ways.

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