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#DevOpsFriday5 with Ivor MacFarlane

Posted by Priyanka Jain on Fri, Jan 22, 2016 @ 12:01 PM

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It's the Ranger4 #DevOpsFriday5 series - today's contributor is Ivor MacFarlane. He's DevOpstastic!

1) How would you describe the relationship between DevOps, Agile and ITIL?

I see the Devops culture as a filter, refiner and accelerator of what is relevant in approaches like Agile, Lean and ITIL.

2) Can you describe what DevOps looks like when it’s ‘done’?

Dangerous idea 'done', it implies you can stop trying. Never stop trying, there is always new levels and new places to reach. But a good stage to foster some celebration might be when folks start thinking the question 'what part of IT do you work in?" doesn't makes much sense.

3) What do you think are the key metrics for DevOps?

The key metrics for the business. Isn't that who we are working for? Of course there are other metrics that might give you some clues as to what to tweak next, like cost of IT per business end product, speed of response and implementation. But they aren't the key if you really believe you are part of the company.

4) What attributes constitute a culture embracing DevOps?

Focus on the things that really matter to the business whatever they turn out to be: fast and fun would be good, but doing the right thing even if they turn out to be safety and caution. Enjoying team wins, not seeing a need for 'man of the match'.

5) Is Continuous Delivery the ultimate goal of DevOps? How do other ‘Continuouses’ (continuous deployment, testing, improvement etc) contribute in a DevOps transformation?

No, there is no ultimate goal. But getting continuous will help you do better, faster with less fuss and disruption. But they are a means not an end. 

About Ivor:


Ageing trainer and pontificator, Ivor has mostly been on ITIL for the last 26 years but started in O&M/Work study improving process, product flow and organisational structure since before we had IT to 'help' us.

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