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#DevOpsFriday5 with Niharika Dergasi

Posted by Priyanka Jain on Fri, Oct 7, 2016 @ 11:10 AM

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It's the Ranger4 #DevOpsFriday5 series and we have a brand new set of questions for your reading pleasure! Here to kick off the new batch is Niharika Dergasi. She's Devopstastic!

1) How do you think bi-modal IT complements or contradicts DevOps principles and practices?

Bimodal IT contradicts the principles of DevOps. Agility and quality can coexists, however Bimodal IT will continue to exist in every organzation which is under the transformation journey. Every organisation will invest in devOps only after a proof of concept is established within the organisation's context and business needs. Any organization which is moving towards digitization Devops will be one of the key practices to focus on, however this transition will coexist as Bimodal IT due to factors like alignment to cultural shift,automation across all areas, organisational matrix structure. People, process and technology - all three areas need change which is not easy to accomplish in an organization that has been running long on traditional methods.

2) How do you think an organisation can achieve end to end ideation to realisation? (Measuring the cost of a feature from inception to delivery and its value when operating in production)

A top down approach in terms of identifying business goals mapped to Devops goals would be the first step to start. A value stream mapping across the lifecycle chain would help in understanding where value can be created. Each value stream needs to be analysed to understand IT interventions and what business benefits can be achieved out of it. Measurement against each intervention within each phase of delivery will help in indetify value in terms of ROI and TCO.

3) How do other frameworks or movements like Lean or Agile impact your ability to do better, faster, safer to drive up customer satisfaction and lower cost of service?

I believe that DevOps is an extension of ALM practices along with the amalgamation of agile and lean. All of these practices definitely bring a lot of value to end to end delivery. DevOps practices need to leverage principles from Agile, lean as well as GRC ( Governance, Risk and Compliance) to arrive at a maximum benefit in the value chain.

4) What are the key pieces of advice or encouragement you would give a devops change agent driving improvement?

Key aspects to consider would be having a long term picture, most of the organisations start these kind of transformation journeys in silos. Looking at the bigger picture, a top-down approach must be followed considering business value and ROI. Rather than starting intiatives in silos, any Devops initiative must be started at an organizational level with a dedicated transformation team which must cater to three areas - people, process and tools. Organisation change management must also be considered as one of the key factors as these transformations bring in huge cultural shifts which is not easy to handle.

5) What metrics really matter when you are doing devops?

Metrics need to again consider a top down approach, mapping all stakeholder needs from CIO to the level of developer. eg improved Capex and Opex, productivity improvement, NPS Score, time to market, staff happiness, change responsiveness, deployment frequency, quality metrics etc.

About Niharika:

Niharika is an Agile & Devops consultant with consulting experience across various industry verticals. She has coached and led teams in conducting DevOps assessments and transformations.

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