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Dynatrace Retain Leadership Position in NEW Gartner APM Magic Quadrant

Posted by Helen Beal on Tue, Jan 3, 2017 @ 14:01 PM

Last month Gartner released their 2016 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Management and for the 7th consecutive year running, Dynatrace were listed as a leader with the highest ability to execute.

We partner with Dynatrace because our customers show us how their Application and Digital Performance Management solution closes the DevOps Loop by enabling them to:

  • Measure real business value, real time: true ideation to realisation
  • Shift left essential NFRs such as performance
  • Close the gap on MTTR through root cause analysis
  • Create DevOps cultures

Nobody beats Dynatrace for comprehensive capability. As they say themselves:

"Dynatrace is the only APM vendor that gives complete insight into every app and every user across the entire digital eco-system"

You can download the full report here from Gartner. Some highlights:

  • Dynatrace remains the largest technology provider in the APM suite marketplace
  • Dynatrace has among the broadest (and, as many end users cite, the deepest) APM suite product lines in the marketplace
  • The newer Dynatrace technology is based upon modern architectures, provides strong support for emerging technologies, and incorporates a more intuitive look and feel

You can read more about Dynatrace's credentials as an innovator here, in Jon Van Siclen's (he's the CEO) recent blog post. John says:

"At Dynatrace, we invest more in redefining the APM industry than anyone else."

Things that make Dynatrace unique:

  • The only APM player that gives complete insight into every app and every user, across the entire digital eco-system

  • One of the only APM leaders to secure AWS DevOps Competency and AWS Migration Competency

  • Strategic plays with some of the biggest and most important cloud providers like OpenShift and Azure

  • The only APM leader that’s had AI integrated for a number of years. It’s not a vision for Dynatrace; it’s part of their fabric and has completely changed the way their customers work

  • Davis is the AI virtual assistant whose ChatOps and VoiceOps functions have changed the way Dynatrace customers avoid war rooms and stand ups

Want to know more? Join our webcast on Digital Performance Management and DevOps Culture.

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