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Posted by Daniel Breston on Fri, Jul 1, 2016 @ 17:07 PM

I love being a Business Technology Transitionologist for Ranger4! Imagine being able to use decades of experience from a variety of individuals to create a better, faster, safer way to use and benefit from technology for our customers based on the values and principles of DevOps. It begins with leaders and managers, but when introduced properly every person involved in the chain that creates value from idea to realisation has a chance to get involved and help improve what is happening today. How do we do this? Well, read on!


Love them or hate them, all organisations have them. In DevOps (the marriage of Agile, Lean and ITSM) leaders have several specific roles:

  • Create the WHY and vision of change
  • Articulate what "good" looks like
  • Get the vision and strategy agreed across the organisation
  • Allow the people who do the work change how they perform to match the vision
  • Coach their effort on a daily basis
  • Celebrate the success and keep striving for Great

But Ranger4 frequently finds that leaders are not engaged, do not know what is happening, are unsure of how to articulate the vision and goals, and most worryingly, cannot help others on the journey of change. No problem, Ranger4 can help by using these techniques coupled to DevOps Mastery and ascertained from our DevOps Discovery.

The Phoenix Project

Sometimes the stand-up meetings or weekly discussions just do not create the climate of change or “that burning platform of understanding” that a leader desires. Therefore, a leader needs to show others how what they are doing and how they are acting needs improvement. Ranger4 worked with Gamingworks, a long-time creator of attitude and behaviour simulation scenarios, to create a fun-filled replication of most organisations based on the learnings of The Phoenix Project. Using a number of roles from CEO to Service Desk, participants end up emulating their current way of working but then are subtly guided to a better way. The impact is startling as participants realise what has happened over the course of just one day and want to do something more to continue that journey.

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a lean technique to obtain alignment and begin the conversation for how to change. Over 3-4 days, senior managers build a charter of agreement with simple metrics, review the way things work currently in terms of time, quality, cost, performance and technology, and create a better way with high-level plan. Ranger4 have seen managers argue, yell, become visibly shocked at what they see but then pull together to allow their staff to build a better way.

Process Mapping

How does an organisation take a process and look at the inputs, the expected outcomes, the steps in between, the users and customers such that it can be improved? If a VSM is the strategic view of change, then Process Mapping is the tactical. Arranged over 3 days, this technique helps to create a harmonised, standard way of working that can be localised or adjusted as needed to meet the vision of an organisation. Process Mapping is for those involved in the daily work from team leads to workers or suppliers if required.

Toolchain Building/Integration

Every organisation has a variety of technology tools to help them monitor, develop, alert, chat, share information, release and deploy, log incidents and more. Ranger4 typically finds multiple versions of the same tool or from the VSM and Process Mapping exercises, gaps where tools could benefit teams to do better, faster, safer. Want to see how your tools can align to a process or value chain to encourage flow, feedback and improvement? Then this is the workshop for you.

Change workshops or Coaching

Sometimes you need direct help for a team or individual. Ranger4 consultants are all expert coaches with a variety of techniques to help individuals enhance their attitude and behaviour, modify their performance, learn how to act as a coach leader or facilitate stakeholder management. Not sure of what you need? Our DevOps Discovery assessment can suggest some ideas to aid staff to become respected and trusted leaders.

This is Ranger4. We get organisations to be DevOpstastic. Get in touch and one of us will gladly help you begin the journey

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