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Hiscox Win Celent Award for Continuous Delivery

Posted by George Price on Fri, Apr 10, 2015 @ 13:04 PM


Big congratulations to our customer, Hiscox, who recently won a major industry award from Celent for operational excellence in IT Management for their very successful implementation of a continous delivery pipeline - a project we were delighted to have some involvement with.

Hiscox are an international insurer providing a diverse range of insurance products to individuals and businesses and over a hundred years old.

Hiscox recognised that in an increasingly competitive market, with ever more demanding customers, the ability to change services fast would be key to continuing to thrive and so embarked on a major replatforming programme with an eye firmly on a future with improved IT agility.

Challenges to Solve

  • Fragmentation of systems making them fragile and prone to error when changed
  • Need to embrace new technologies to delight the customer and out-smart the competition
  • Eliminating IT bottlenecks in the change process by putting business system changes in the hands of the business owner

“simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

Actions Taken

  • Co-location of teams
  • Implementation of a new, simpler platform
  • Transition to Agile development process
  • Build of a continuous delivery pipeline

"Hiscox also took the opportunity to apply some of the tools and processes developed under its DevOps initiative, which allowed the company to automate much of the build, test and deployment steps, resulting in increased predictability and pace of change. This approach allowed Hiscox to automate deployments to environments in less than seven minutes."

Benefits Realised

  • 20% increase in sales in week one
  • Doubled conversion of policy applications online
  • A single view of the customer achieved
  • Transitioned from a ten-week waterfall delivery model to an iterative, two-week release cycle
  • Dramatic drop in volume of defects
  • Release time reduced from three hours to just six minutes
  • Average cost savings of each automated deployment £7,000 per week - that's £364,000 per annum
  • And many more - to read the full report click here

Download the full model insurer report (including 14 more case stories) here.

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