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How To Make Cultural Improvements in IT

Posted by Priyanka Jain on Fri, Mar 11, 2016 @ 13:03 PM

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Last week's webcast "How To Make Cultural Improvements in IT" was an important one, solely for the fact that DevOps is what drives cultural change. Everything DevOps stands for is based around culture, and enabling a happier, more efficient working environment. 'Cultural Improvements' is everything between the knowledge and technical components required for the job. You already know how to get the job 'done' - the term culture refers to how you get the job done, how you feel, and the overall environment you work in to get from A to B. 

There are quite a few key terms when it comes to culture in IT, so let's explore five components that nicely describe a DevOps culture:

Blameless culture

This means not calling people out on their mistakes or if something isn't done correctly. Blame evokes fear and can shake a person's confidence big time. This then demotivates them and creates an unpleasant working environment.

Failing Smart

This ties in with a blameless culture. You can only fail smart if you feel empowered to experiment and make mistakes - this is all part of the learning and getting better at what you do. The more you try, test and fail smart, the more you'll be able to discover what works and what doesn't.

Collaboration, Communication & Cooperation 

The three Cs are important in DevOps. Collaboration is a big one because it's the pairing of Development and Operations working together. A collaborative environment creates better workflow and more efficiency. Collaboration removes the silos and encourages engagement and conversation between Dev and Ops. 

And communication plays a key role in this relationship. It's important for everyone to know what's going on at every stage, so if there are any issues, they can be flagged in a timely manner and dealt with accordingly. 

And providing everyone cooperates with each other, this can be a smooth shift to a more DevOpsy culture, ultimately leading to better results and a pain-free, stress-free working environment. An improved culture means happier people motivated to work hard and make things happen for themselves and their organisation. 

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