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I Got DevOps Certified

Posted by Gedi Kalinauskas on Wed, Mar 1, 2017 @ 15:03 PM

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Last week, there was a pleasant change in my day as I had an opportunity to participate in a Ranger4 Public Schedule DevOps Foundation Course along with a bunch of customers and one of our new trainers from Portugal.

I don't have an IT background but just over three months ago I joined Ranger4 and have responsibility for marketing, so it's my job to communicate everything that's good, bad and sometimes a bit ugly about DevOps to the world - so I'm on a steep learning curve and loving it! My understanding of DevOps so far has developed from reading, following DevOps related news and watching DevOps related videos. What I really wanted to do is to sit in a room with IT developers and operations professionals, and get an understand of what their view on DevOps is, the kind of daily problems they face and how DevOps could provide them the solutions they are looking for. So I relished this opportunity to attend some real-life training!

In short, DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and operations departments. Its core values are Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurement and Sharing (CALMS).

Definitions of DevOps

At the start of the course, each of us were asked to tell our names, job titles, what we know about DevOps and what problems we'd like it to solve. I was surprised to see that most people had a small understanding of DevOps, even though IT is their bread and butter - DevOps understanding isn't as prevalent as I had assumed. This is where I also started to understand that there are a lot of crucial problems in organisations, which IT professionals would like to solve.

State of DevOps Report

According to the industry leading State of DevOps Report, high performing organisations are more Agile:

  • Code is deployed in 200 times more frequently
  • Deployments are completed 2,555 times faster
  • Services are more stable

Why the Business is Driving DevOps

I got to understand several reasons why the business is driving DevOps:

  • Every business has become a tech business
  • IoT is rapidly increasing
  • Consumers have become app minded
  • Customers value outcomes, not products
  • Time to value is replacing time to market
  • Intelligent data must shape direction quickly
  • Customer delight is more important than customer satisfaction
  • Being able to innovate and test quicker

DevOps practices in general improve IT performance, profitability, market share and productivity. In addition, it's important to know that value is defined by the customer.

Common constraints

As mentioned above, IT professionals face problems daily, they include:

  • Development delays
  • Environmental constraints (testing, storage, production)
  • Code deployment
  • Test setup and run
  • Security and Quality Assurance assessments
  • Overly tight architecture
  • Product management
  • Complex or bureaucratic processes
  • Lack of recognition
  • Slow or no acknowledgment of new ideas and suggestions in the organisation

Out of these problems, the ones that stood out to me the most are all related to company culture, its acknowledgment of new ideas and the lack of employee recognition. I strongly believe that companies will only be as good as their people and if the employees aren't listened to, recognised for hard work and their achievements (even for failures, which DevOps encourages - safely!) then, there will be more silos, milestones will be missed and revenue will decrease.


I found it surprising that there are still lots of organsiations still stuck in the old of ways of working, that don't hear everyone out and focus on people according to their job titles. All of this results in collaboration problems, lack of innovation, project delays and frustration across the entire organisation. There is no surprise that DevOps is becoming more and more popular. At the end of day, how many people today don't have a smartphone? How many people in businesses don't have tablets or laptops? Hardly any! That is a great example of keeping up with change, innovation and implementing tools for better and faster communication, collaborating and work in general.

Want to take the DevOps Foundation Course yourself? Check out Ranger4's DevOps Mastery Schedule here

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