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I Have to Disagree with Forrester

Posted by George Price on Tue, Oct 25, 2016 @ 15:10 PM

Forrester released a white paper entitled Take Application Performance To The Next Level With Digital Performance Management (DPM); in it they describe Dynatrace as an APM and not a DPM. Well I have to disagree.

Dynatrace as a product is capable of performing all the tasks listed on page 4 and 5 of the paper, but only as part of a true DevOps process. Without the process and discipline then of course it will just be a tool for the Dev, or the Ops or the network guys.

If everyone involved in the customer's journey is consulted from the very beginning and all have an input into what is required from Dynatrace then everything that Forrester is saying that makes a DPM can be achieved so DYNATRACE IS A DPM.

As we try to teach customers here at Ranger4, true DevOps is not just a relationship between the Development and Operations teams it involves anyone within the organisation that has vested interest in the customers journey through your application and infrastructure, C level execs, Marketing, Sales, Production, Developers, testers, Operations, finance the list in not exhaustive.

One of the things we talk about at Ranger4 is the ‘Idea chain’ which starts with the idea through to the Business benefit or ‘Ideation to Realisation’ The idea can be a new feature, a new marketing campaign, fault resolution, a new product etc. it’s another non-exhaustive list. Prior to any code being written a whole list of none IT people are involved in the decision to unleash the developers and are therefore integral to the DevOps process and feeding back progress and costs to these people is essential. Once Dev, Test, QA and Operations have done their stuff and we go live with the change. The final leg of the chain it to then monitor the Business impact of the Idea, the customer experience, the impact on system performance, did it achieve the goal of more visits, more sales, greater efficiency, what ever the objective of the Idea was and then feeding that information back to the relevant owners of the idea completes the Ideation to realisation Journey. As I mentioned earlier Dynatrace provides all the information to do this. Gap free monitoring, every keystroke, every code execute, every Db Query everything all the time.

So essentially I think Forrester are wrong to suggest that Dynatrace is an APM, when used by a business properly as part of a DevOps process Dynatrace is indeed a DPM and not an APM.

If you want to learn more about Ranger4, Ideation to realisation or the idea chain, feel free to drop me a note George@ranger4.com

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