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Jenkins Celebration Day is February 26

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 15:02 PM

Congratulations to our partner, CloudBees! The Jenkins project officially went over the 100K active users mark sometime in January. As of January 31, users were at 102,992. Are you one of the 100K active users?

As discussed on a couple recent project meetings, CloudBees have designated February 26 as Jenkins Celebration Day.

To make some noise, here is what we you can do as part of the Jenkins community:

  • Write a blog about anything related to Jenkins - post your blog and tweet out a link to it. Include the hashtag #Jenkins100K in your post
  • On February 26, CloudBees will hold a raffle and pick four names at random. The grand prize winner will get a 3D Jenkins Butler model. Five others will get their pick of Jenkins swag (up to $20) from the Jenkins online store

Other Ways to Celebrate

There are a number of other things planned and CloudBees want you to be involved:

  • Recording – Jenkins Governance Board Dean, Tyler, Andrew and Kohsuke Kawaguchi will get together this month and record some thoughts about the Jenkins project. We will share that recording with you from this page on February 26
  • Twitter Badge For those of us on social media that want to proudly celebrate our community, click the link for a special badge that you can use for your profile image on Twitter or any of the other social media forums. Feel free to use the badge as long as you want – but let’s get as many of us using it as possible between now and February 27
  • Social Media Images CloudBees has donated a series of images (click the link above!) that we can all push out on social media - pick your favorite(s) and push them out on Twitter, Facebook, G+ etc
  • Certificate (available on this blog post soon) Download your very own “I am part of the Jenkins 100K” certificate. Print it out and proudly display it on the wall of your cube or office
  • Visibility The Community will also issue a press release on February 26 announcing the milestone news
  • Sign the “card” Consider this blog a Congratulations card to the entire community. Share your thoughts in a comment on this blog about anything Jenkins-related that you wish!

This is a big milestone for the Community and one you should be proud to be part of! Let’s make some noise…


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