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Multi-Platform Deployment Automation with IBM UrbanCode

Posted by George Price on Fri, Jul 10, 2015 @ 11:07 AM

Despite the need for greater agility and multi-tier integration, many organisations struggle to respond to market forces and effectively deliver high quality applications.

Multi-platform applications are laden with manual, rigid and error-prone processes that lack repeatability, scalability and speed, as a result slow deployments to test environments leave team waiting and unproductive and a lack of visibility and control over configuration and application changes leads to errors and rework.

All of these delays result in missed opportunity, delivery of composite applications requires a highly repeatable and reliable deployment process to synchronise all tiers from mobile front end on public cloud to the on premise back end services on z/OS, today mainframe and distributed teams use separate tools and processes making coordination across platforms and environments difficult.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy automates the deployment of application, database and configuration changes across hybrid environments. This capability enables teams to standardise on one solution, to coordinate the delivery of on and off premise services driving down the costs and speeding time to market.

Applications can now be deployed in minutes versus days and with secure push button deployments IBM UrbanCode Deploy improves productivity and reduces cycle time to develop and test applications team can create intuitive versioned processes replace custom scripting and simplify maintenance with the ability to deploy and rollback incremental changes these native application packages to z/OS such as load modules for CICS TS, IMS & DB2 and Batch.

This end to end traceability for compliancy and audibility enables organisations to accelerate delivery with confidence control and reduced risk. Increase your capacity for innovation across the entire enterprise while balancing cost, reliability and risk with UrbanCode Deploy for multi-platform environments.


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