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Organizations are Standardizing on Atlassian Applications for Team Collaboration

Posted by Helen Beal on Tue, Oct 25, 2016 @ 15:10 PM

The week before last it was the Atlassian Summit 2016 in San Jose and a full programme of live talks and announcements ensued. I took the title of this article from the body of one of the many email updates I received as when I first read it, I thought, "That's a bold claim, but in our experience, true." The software landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to disrupters like Atlassian. They have made it easier to access and use software that is critical for underpinning the collaborative elements essential to DevOps success, and have now proven it scales too. As they said themselves of enterprises:

"As they have scaled, our applications have become mission critical and fundamental to how organizations run their business."

Every day we are either working with enterprise organisations who have established Atlassian tooling as essential to their DevOps journey or who are expressing great enthusiasm for introducing the tooling to build the DevOps Loop. If you are new to Atlassian, this CEO Fireside Chat has been recommended to us by one of our customers as a great introduction to the background of the business and their philosophies of engagement. You may be interested in the core Atlassian Values - we embrace them too and look for them in the partners we work with.

  • Open company. No bullshit.
  • Build with heart and balance.
  • Don’t fuck the customer.
  • Play, as a team.
  • Be the change you seek.

So what is the news from Atlassian Summit 2016? Here are some of our highlights:

Deployment Flexibility with AWS - the Rise and Rise of Cloud

The percentage of Atlassian instances in production on AWS has doubled over the last three years. “It’s important to us that customers choose the right long-term architecture that provides the flexibility they need for their Atlassian stack,” says Bryan Rollins, Head of Server Business at Atlassian.

Atlassian announced last week a collaboration with AWS to give customers the full power of Amazon’s hosting capabilities while helping them minimize infrastructure configurations and costs. “The release of these two new Quick Starts builds on our existing relationship with Atlassian,” said Scott Wiltamuth, AWS VP Developer Productivity and Tools, “and will help our joint customers quickly and easily deploy JIRA Software Data Center and Bitbucket Data Center to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and resilience of the AWS cloud.”

The Team Playbook

We love this and will be recommending its use and incorporating it into our own Agile and DevOps coaching. It has some great, practical advice and templates for teams to actively assess and manage their health. When do you find time for making improvements like this? (Lots of organisations we work with find this hard) Here's some great advice:

"Some teams incorporate checkpoints into an existing team ritual, like a weekly team meeting. Other teams periodically replace rituals like sprint retrospectives or stand-ups with a checkpoint. But you can schedule the checkpoints separately, if need be."

Zero Downtime Upgrades for JIRA Software Data Center

Unplanned downtime is a thing of the past with Atlassian tools thanks to their active-active clustering and disaster recovery. But many organisations have had to plan downtime for application upgrades and maintenance - a tricky thing to do and why many administrators schedule upgrades and maintenance at night or on weekends. But with zero downtime upgrades for JIRA Software Data Center (coming soon!), you can upgrade one node at a time without taking down the whole cluster. In addition, Atlassian are exposing more monitoring data around cluster health and status to help you deliver a smooth uninterrupted upgrade.

Upgrading without downtime means that you can upgrade more often to get the latest security patches, bug fixes, and of course, new features into the hands of your teams faster. And you don't have to work nights or weekends. Yay!

HipChat Data Center (beta)

The team chat that's built for business is nearly out of the cloud and ready for you to put wherever you see fit in your own infrastructure (including your Cloud - see AWS announcement). Our customers love using HipChat for ChatOps. There are also new video and group video capabilities coming through.

SAFe White Paper

We know quite a few organisations moving through their evolution of Agile and trying to scale it up across tens, even hundreds of teams and experiencing and experimenting with the Scaled Agile Framework. This is a useful White Paper with advice on how to use JIRA and Confluence to support a SAFe implementation.

And if you are London based, we're at the Atlassian User Group tonight - I'll be talking about the DevOps Loop and how our customers are using the Atlassian suite to achieve the greatest levels of traceability and integration we have observed in the market today. If you want to come along, or to a future one, you can find more details here.

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