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Something Very Special is Happening at Computacenter. Check Them Out!

Posted by Steve Green on Thu, Sep 22, 2016 @ 17:09 PM

DevOps is here and there really is no rest for the wicked!

Just returning (sat at Geneva airport) from a very enjoyable and useful 2 days with Computacenter’s e-gaming team. Their 6th annual e-gaming seminar was held in Gibraltar and was attended by over 40 of the world’s smartest e-gaming organisations.

So why write about it? Well I was there speaking about DevOps (when did you ever see us miss an opportunity) and how realising the business value from an idea is the DevOps key; better, faster and safer. Couldn't resist telling you about that but I was so impressed with Computacenter's commitment to change and their passion for DevOps, I had to write. They have been in the past categorised as large and perhaps a little clunky but the Computacenter I am learning about now is a long way from that. I am sure that their bread and butter business still looks like it did 2 years ago and there is nothing wrong with that. They do have over 10,000 plus employees in Europe and we all know Rome wasn't built in a day.

For those of you who feel safe - be very afraid because there is a quiet revolution happening there. I think it puts them in a very strong position in terms of thought leadership at a time when many of their traditional competitors struggle to differentiate.

We talked about increasing flow and building shorter feedback loops and making everything continuous. Weaving learning and experimentation through everything we do. Learning to share and collaborate. Building velocity. Building quality in.

I was reminded why we at Ranger4 have spent so much time and money over the past 3 years investing in our own DevOps Intellectual Property as well as nurturing relationships with a great list of people working for the world's best companies. It's getting so busy. It's great to be involved with so much positivity. Our challenge now is how to manage everyone's expectations and still keep the quality and intensity high. So if you know anyone who wants to come along on the DevOps journey with us, point them my way. DevOps of course is the solution to help us manage this growth but perhaps Holocracy could also be an answer too.

If you would like to know more about Holacracy, pop along to IP Expo Nordic in Stockholm next week (Sept 27) where Ryan Dobson, one of our Devopsologists will be discussing how Holacracy can help develop a new culture that makes change easy to deal with. 

So DevOps is about Culture, Automation, being Lean, having Metrics and new ways of sharing success, failure and new ways of working. It has been a misunderstood term and there have been many different definitions. Everyone is getting it though. VMware's Ed Hoppit (EMEA Lead DevOps and Cloud Native) who we shared the main stage with me in Gibraltar put it very well with his depiction of an organisation's challenges through the eyes of Pioneers, Settlers and Town Planners! And his “culture of theft” observations. VMware really has reinvented itself and with Ed steering things = watch this space!

Around Metrics, I was happy to meet and spend time with Adam Wicks and Marcus Adams from Qlik. Addressing real life Visual Analytics with their very successful suite of BI tools they are helping thousands of customers worldwide gain a single view. Knowledge about the current state as well as dashboards and metrics tailored for every industry.

Lee James, Chief Technologist at Computacenter (who stole one of my slides...which I had actually also stolen from Buckminster Fuller... no charge) rounded off the event with an exciting view of Computacenter, its capabilities and its vision. I would urge you to contact them and ask to spend some time with some of their senior team. They are so forward thinking it's scary. Not a bad new tag for their marketing?

Thanks to Marc Fryer who has embraced DevOps (and Ranger4) and who we work with to deliver great programs for change to the e-gaming organisations at the event and increasingly a wider audience in other industries.

So now (in an hour) I'm off to Amsterdam to see our very good friends at Atlassian, where I'll be talking about DevOps at their Mastery Camp and how Expert Partners bring real value to the world's most competitive organisations. 

Who would have thought it was possible to bring the 35 year old Computacenter into the world of DevOps? But there is no need because they are doing it for themselves. It's great to be a part of it. If they can so can you!