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Choose Digital Transforms Loyalty Programs with Digital Content Marketplace

Posted by Malcolm Namey on Fri, Jul 24, 2015 @ 15:07 PM

Many hotel chains, airlines and other enterprises rely on customer loyalty programs, promotional offers and affinity sales channels in their marketing and sales strategies. Until recently, offering digital content in such programs has been challenging because the supply chain for digital content has been controlled by a few industry heavyweights, who offer little or no custom branding. As a result, customers of a hotel or airline would be sent to a third-party digital content site with its own branding, resulting in a disjointed and sometimes confusing customer experience.


Get to market first with a private label marketplace for digital content, while preparing for surges in traffic and rapid growth


Use DEV@cloud to accelerate and align development activities with company goals, and deploy in the cloud with automatic scaling


  • Zero expense until a working business model was established
  • Equivalent of 8 to 10 full-time employees saved
  • Development up to five times faster

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How Netflix Moved to the Cloud

Posted by Malcolm Namey on Tue, Apr 14, 2015 @ 16:04 PM

We love hearing about what DevOps unicorns like Netflix do and how we can learn from their experiences and help our customers transform into DevOps businesses - here are two stories from two of our favourite partners:

Netflix Builds Its Open Sourced Cloud Technologies on the CloudBees Platform

More than 36 million Netflix members worldwide view streamed content and access Netflix features delivered via cloud technology that the company has been developing since 2009. Netflix operates on a cloud platform based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Over the years, Netflix engineers have developed numerous cloud tools and technologies, which the company has now shared with the development community as open source software.


Support and promote contributions to the open source development of cloud technologies for video streaming and large-scale cloud deployments.


Use the CloudBees Platform, with Jenkins in the cloud, to streamline development, provide immediate build feedback to the community and minimize maintenance overhead and costs.


  • Immediate feedback on builds
  • Minimal maintenance overhead
  • Cost-effective pricing

Products Used:

While many companies may be leery of freely sharing core technology, Netflix sees several compelling advantages to the move. First, the company aims to establish its solutions as standards that are widely used throughout the industry. Second, improvements contributed by the community to improve performance or add support for other cloud services will improve the standard for everyone, advancing the platform robustness and quality. Third, the move will burnish the company’s reputation as a technology leader, which was boosted in 2012 by winning an Emmy for Technical Achievement. Lastly, it will help Netflix attract, engage and retain expert engineers, because it can draw directly from a wide pool of proven contributors.

To help maximize these advantages, Netflix chose the CloudBees Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution to support the public builds of its NetflixOSS open source projects. “Open sourcing our cloud-based architecture projects is a way to reduce risk, improve our service and contribute to the broader cloud-based community,” says Gareth Bowles, senior tools engineer at Netflix. “The CloudBees platform is helping us achieve these objectives by enabling Netflix engineers and external contributors to rapidly build and test changes, instantly see the quality of the changes being made and continue to realize the benefits of continuous integration with Jenkins.”

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Jenkins Celebration Day is February 26

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Wed, Feb 25, 2015 @ 15:02 PM

Congratulations to our partner, CloudBees! The Jenkins project officially went over the 100K active users mark sometime in January. As of January 31, users were at 102,992. Are you one of the 100K active users?

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Jenkins, Chef, Puppet and Ansible and UrbanCode: DevOps Happy Together

Posted by Helen Beal on Wed, Feb 11, 2015 @ 09:02 AM

Today I am in Las Vegas at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference (more on the reasons we are here later on in another post!) whilst my team are back in the UK at IBM's site in London's South Bank running an Open Day which we titled "Integrating Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment". We have previously explored some of the definitions of some of the 'continuouses' that are out there, but what's happening today is that around 20 organisations are going to work through some hands on labs showing how Jenkins and UrbanCode work together, and why you would want to do this.

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Orbitz Moves to Continuous Delivery

Posted by Paul Hancock on Wed, Feb 4, 2015 @ 07:02 AM

Orbitz Worldwide (NYSE: OWW) is a leading global online travel company using technology to transform the way consumers around the world plan and purchase travel. Orbitz Worldwide sells more than $12 billion in travel annually and operates the consumer travel planning sites Orbitz, ebookersHotelClub and CheapTickets. Also within the Orbitz Worldwide family, Orbitz Partner Network delivers private label travel technology solutions to a broad range of partners including some of the world’s largest airlines, bank loyalty programs and travel agencies and Orbitz for Business delivers managed travel solutions for companies of all sizes. The company’s business platforms are supported by more than 180 different applications that work together to serve Orbitz customers and business partners.


Shorten delivery times for more than 180 applications that power 13 different Web sites


Refine software delivery processes and implement open source Jenkins and CloudBees solutions for continuous delivery to automate tests, ensure reliable builds and increase build consistency across the organization


  • Release cycles cut by more than 75%
  • Teams focused on high-value tasks
  • User experience enhanced through increased multivariate testing

Products Used:

With more than 350 developers on 35 different teams in multiple locations around the world, the Orbitz development organization has relied on continuous integration (CI) with open source Jenkins to build software for several years. Recently, Orbitz began using CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise as part of a move towards continuous delivery (CD).

“This year, one of our technical focuses is on delivering not only consistently and reliably, but also much faster. By making our process more efficient, and adopting continuous integration and continuous delivery practices with open source Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, we have cut our release times in half, and then cut them in half again,” says Jacob Tomaw, principal engineer at Orbtiz. “Additionally, we now ensure that each one of the artifacts we build for our applications is produced consistently and in a repeatable way — a capability that is essential for continuous delivery.”

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Jenkins Enterprise Plugins from CloudBees

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Mon, Sep 29, 2014 @ 14:09 PM

Jenkins is an open source continuous integration (CI) tool. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees is a suite of enterprise-level plugins that secures and optimises Jenkins, eliminates downtime and helps manage Jenkins more effectively as well as providing access to the Jenkins experts (such as Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the founder of Jenkins) at CloudBees.

In this blog we will be going through some of the plugins that CloudBees offers to help with some of the issues Jenkins users may face.

Automatically Recover from Failures

Large development projects can sometimes push Jenkins resources to the max; this can cause unplanned downtime which can become quite costly. With the built-in high availability feature, a stand by Jenkins master automatically detects master failure and steps in to take over the failed instance without any assistance from an admin. This automatic detection of failure and recovery ensures development activities continue despite a crash.

Additionally you can use the backup scheduling and the restart aborted jobs plugins to backup Jenkins and view a list of jobs that were running when Jenkins crashed to pick up where you left off.

Secure Jenkins

Different development groups often need to share artefacts with other teams and the process they use to do this is, directing the upstream job to place the artefacts in a common area and then manually notifying the team working downstream that the artefacts are available. This process of sharing artefacts manually can be insecure; using the Secure Copy plugin allows teams to transfer artefacts securely, automatically and without manual notifications. A key-pair is generated out of band and set up in the sender and receiver jobs, thus only allowing the sender and receiver access to the artefact.

Provision Faster

You may have common configuration scenarios that are replicated to many different places. Although the configuration scenarios are replicated changes made in one configuration will not be replicated in other configurations, this change must be done manually which can be very time consuming as well as error-prone. The CloudBees Templates plugin allows administrators to define templates of jobs/build steps/publishers and replicate them while creating new job, thus allowing changes to be made once (in a central location) to all dependent configurations.

Organise Jobs

Jenkins doesn't provide built-in widgets to help users organise their project and jobs, which as the number of projects and jobs grow can make them harder to manage. Folders plugin provides the use of folders to create hierarchies or custom taxonomies to better manage large number of jobs.

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Jenkins On-Premise Solutions in the Context of Large Installations

Posted by Felix Belzunce Arcos on Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

Jenkins Enterprise By CloudBees (Jenkins Enterprise) provides more than 20 enterprise plugins related to high availability, large installations, security and optimized utilization. Those plugins usually solve most of the pain points which come up when using Jenkins Open Source for enterprise purposes.

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Ranger4 and CloudBees Partner Up

Posted by Steve Green on Thu, Aug 28, 2014 @ 11:08 AM

Ranger4 is delighted to announce a new partnership with CloudBees allowing us to provide our customers with access to the Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees solution and support services. This hugely popular open source build platform is used by many of our customers today - and those who don't probably soon will. This extends our Optimising DevOps toolchain capabilities even further.

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