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What Won Our Beacon Award for Outstanding DevOps Solution?

Posted by Tejinder Sehgal on Fri, Feb 20, 2015 @ 09:02 AM

Here's the skinny (transcript from Helen Beal's video):

Q: Tell Me About Ranger4
A: We're a DevOps Transformation Specialist based in Surrey in the UK.

Q: Tell me what DevOps is and what it can do for me
A: DevOps is a movement that has come about because of the conflict between IT Development and IT Operation teams, which are traditionally quite siloed. What has happened in IT is that: "software is eating the world"; what this means is that applications and IT have become more critically strategic to companies today; everyone has to take advantage of the internet otherwise their businesses won’t survive.  This has given us a situation where businesses are putting a lot of pressure on IT Development to produce a lot of innovation which means there is a lot of change and, particularly in traditional enterprises, what we have are infrastructures that have evolved over several decades, that are very sophisticated and actually quite fragile. We have IT Operations teams that are very keen to keep the systems up and running (as they are often rewarded on up time). And this is where the conflict arises as you’ve got the development team who are trying to push through change whilst the operations team are trying to keep systems stable, so they don’t want change - change is risky.

The business units want all this wonderful end user experience as they want to delight their customers, keep up against the competition and give their customers more things to play with. This creates a highly pressured environment and if there’s an outage, for example, or if a system comes down because there’s a problem we end up with these war rooms scenarios, so you have lots of people pointing fingers saying it’s the DBA's fault, it’s the developers who done something wrong...

Q: You've won a Beacon Award for Outstanding DevOps Solution, tell me more about the scenario you built
A: The specific solution that we won the Beacon Award for is called the DevOps Maturity Assessment (DMA). What we found is that we were working with a lot of organisations who had heard of DevOps, they recognised that they were experiencing some of the pain that I just described (blaming, war rooms and not being able to move fast enough), they could see that they wanted to get code to their customers faster, they wanted the code to be of higher quality and they could see that DevOps was going to them lots of benefits but they didn’t really know where to start.

We wrote the DevOps Maturity Assessment which is a piece of consultancy that effectively baselines where an organisation currently is, their current state using large amounts of metrics that are measure over cultural readiness, process maturity, the extent of automation in the business.

Please click here to find out more about the DevOps Maturity Assessment.

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