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What’s New in the AppDynamics Fall ’14 Release

Posted by Malcolm Namey on Wed, Mar 4, 2015 @ 16:03 PM

Gaining operating efficiencies is at or near the top of every IT executive’s list of priorities.  As environments continue to evolve and become more complex, this goal becomes more difficult to achieve. The Application Intelligence platform from AppDynamics now has several features that make it easier for DevOps teams to collaborate in full context to reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and learn from the past to better manage future issues.

Virtual War Room

  • Ad-hoc virtual space for DevOps collaboration
  • View, annotate and make system changes in real-time
  • Collaborate to lower MTTR 

Virtual War Room

Cross-application flow

  • Define and visualize their applications and dependencies
  • Enable app to app metrics and flow map visualizations with snapshot drill-down to a different app
  • Role-based access control so IT Ops teams can see how their apps are interacting with shared services at a high level

Cross-Application Flow

Integrated UI for database monitoring

  • Single UI and architecture with the rest of the platform to provide the most seamless experience
  • Simple agentless approach is easy to setup and non-intrusive

Integrated DB UI

Application Analytics

  • Automatically propagate end-to-end business transaction context across analytics datasets without code changes
  • Unlock actionable business insights & answer meaningful questions in real-time.  Learn more here.

Business Impact Analytics

IOS_App_Screenshot_2Asynchronous transaction monitoring:

  • Automatically trace and monitor all async requests to give visibility into these complex distributed environments.  

  • Leverage a model to easily track overall latency and the ability to customize when long running async business processes start and stop.

WebSocket support:

  • View WebSocket connections, identify the business transaction using the websocket URL, and monitor the true latency of requests.

Hyper-scalable Big Data metric store:

  • Infinitely scalable metrics store, available via on-premise or SaaS deployments.

Companion iOS app

  • Native mobile app

  • Subscribe to push notifications when alerts are triggered

  • Access KPIs for their mission-critical applications straight from their device

For more information, take a look at this AppDynamics Fall 2014 webinar here.

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