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Would You Hire a Maker or a Saver?

Posted by Daniel Breston on Fri, Mar 11, 2016 @ 12:03 PM

How would you answer this question?

What type of IT project is most appealing to your CEO?
  • One that makes money
  • One that saves money

Obviously you want both in a project, but what if the CEO mandated you could only do one or the other, not both? Think of the impact on:

  • The relationship of senior management and IT management
  • The relationship of the rest of the organisation and IT
  • The impact on budget for development and innovation versus keeping things running as best as possible
  • The relationship on procurement and suppliers
  • The ability to retain or attract customers
  • The ability to retain or attract staff
  • The possibility of using disruptive or digital technology
  • The ability to easily maintain compliance or continuity
  • The creation and dissemination of information for decision-making
  • The opportunity to become a market leader
  • The ability to sustain another recession or globally impacting issue
  • The opportunity to concentrate on improving who does what when by creating a more flexible organisation
  • The reduction of technology debt
  • The allowance of BYOD or as I prefer to call it BYOIT
  • Security, reliability, availability and integrity of your applications or systems

Let’s say you are interviewing for a role and ask "What culture does your organisation have: MAKE or SAVE?" What would you want the response to be if you were looking? What sort of person would you hire, a MAKER or a SAVER?

Try this question in a management workshop and see what happens.

The answer to this question could impact your lifecycle of idea to customer realisation. More importantly, it impacts the challenge of budget versus IT or OPEX versus CAPEX.

Have you tried to go agile in your development but been constrained in the rest of your technology management with annual budgets and targets? Are your business goals enabled by your technology expenditures? For us, cost KPIs are needless as a target as if you do better, faster, safer than cost improvement is an outcome.

Ranger4 would be interested in your views: MAKE or SAVE?

Or can you do both and not fire someone?

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