Agile Finance and Procurement

Watch the recording of this webcast, covering agile work practices in the context of Finance and Procurement. 

Agile Finance and Procurement

Here are the slides from our webcast 'Agile Finance and Procurement'.

Ways of Thinking and Working

On this webcast, we explored what underpins the latest ways of thinking and ways of working.

Ways of Thinking and Working

Here are the slides from our webcast 'Ways of Thinking, Ways of Working'.

WoW Leadership and DevOps

On this webcast, we looked at how DevOps and other ways of working inform leadership styles and approaches.

WoW Leadership and DevOps

Here are the slides from our webcast 'WoW Leadership and DevOps'.

The DevOps Brain

On this webcast, we shared how we use neuroscience to help organisations embrace DevOps ways of working. 

The DevOps Brain

Here are the slides from our webcast 'The DevOps Brain'.

DevOps and Neuroscience

Here are the slides from Our KeyNote at Jax DevOps on 15th May 2019.

DevOps Evolution

Here are the slides from Our talk in April 2019 at the Middle East and Leeds DevOps MeetUps.

The DevOps Journey

This thought paper investigates the increasingly popular development method of DevOps, focusing specifically on and cultural challenges. 

Jax Magazine

Jax Magazine is the digital magazine for enterprise developers. It brings together the best in tech, including the latest DevOps news. Download your free copy.

The Phoenix Project Game

Do you want to bring your technology and business teams closer together to streamline the flow of value? If so, watch this video now.

DevOps in Banking

Watch this video to get an understanding of the typical challenges and opportunities in banking, as well as the challenges around the implementation of DevOps.

Enterprise Scale DevOps Assessments

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of DevOps, our partnership with DORA and the Enterprise Scale DevOps Assessments we can offer to you.

DevOps in Insurance

In this webcast we looked at what DevOps means today, by breaking it down into manageable parts with practical steps for making valuable business change.

DevSecOpsDays Presentation

Here are the slides from our talk 'DevSecOps 2018' at the inaugural DevSecOpsDays event at the Congress Centre in London.

All Day DevOps Presentation

Here are the slides from our talk 'DevSecOps and the Superpattern' at All Day DevOps.

Jax London Presentation

Here are our slides from her talk 'DevOps Driven Development and Delivery' at JAX London.