Shift Left

Eliminate technical debt and unplanned work

Building quality in early accelerates the pace of change safely

Success or failure often depends on whose products or services are of the highest quality and lack of acceptable or poor software quality is blamed for more business problems than any other man-made product.

You can overcome the challenges of delivering enduring software quality with quality management and testing solutions that will transform the way your business produces, validates and delivers software - from idea to go-live to retirement. Collaborative, integrated and optimized approaches to managing software quality help make quality management and testing activities a shared responsibility (DevOps) not siloed and disconnected so that you can better manage your existing resources, overcome schedule constraints, and increase your team productivity.

Shifting left means organisations can:

  • Test earlier - it's faster, easier and cheaper to test this way
  • Build production like environments for testing quickly
  • Spend a lot less time testing
  • Build quality and stability in