Start your DevOps Discovery and Assessment with Ranger4

Don't know where to start? Start where YOU are.

Our Ranger4 Discovery and Assessment services baseline your current state, articulate your desired future state and define your roadmap for DevOps evolution - all underpinned by value based metrics you can use to report on your success.

Ranger4's DevOps Assessment is designed to assist organizations with ambitions to embrace the DevOps movement who want to create a DevOps culture and benefit from the change that will bring:

  • Faster innovation to market 
  • Delighted customers 
  • Happy employees 
  • Increased competitiveness

Ranger4's DevOps Assessment delivers:

  • A baseline assessment of where an organization is on several measurements on the Ranger4 DevOps maturity scale
  • A set of metrics and KPIs to be used throughout a DevOps transfomation and beyond
  • A DevOps Maturity Index (DMI) measurement that can be used to monitor and report on progress.
  • A Vision of a future desired state
  • A Roadmap to transform to that desired state 

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