Transform your business with Value Stream Mapping from Ranger4
A revolutionary visual technique to help you identify wasted potential and highlight opportunities for fast, effective business development.

What is Value Stream Mapping?

Everybody wants their business to develop and grow, but managing that development and making it as lean and effective as possible can be difficult. That’s where Value Stream Mapping (VSM) comes in. Value Stream Mapping is an increasingly popular technique that creates a simple visual overview of a business (a product or a service) that identifies wasted potential and highlights new opportunities. Through collaboration and communication, your business will be able to map a far more effective journey from idea to value realisation, tapping into answers and solutions that you didn’t even know were there. 

It’s a technique that should be used again and again during small changes or periods of transition in order to maximise the effectiveness of your workflow as well as your workforce. 

Does your business need VSM?

Do you often wonder where the time, effort and resources go from your workforce? Are you concerned about missing opportunities for streamlining the customer experience? Does changing products and services feel unpredictable and unwieldy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, stream-mapping your business can be a transformative experience. VSM with Ranger4 will give you the strategic edge you need to solve problems and remove constraints, streamlining your workflow and delighting your customers. 

The Value Stream Mapping process

Here’s a brief overview of how Value Stream Mapping works… 

  • Finding the right people

    For VSM to be successful, you’ve got to get the right people in the right room at the right time. In most businesses, this is likely to be a combination of managers, directors, supervisors and members of your team that deal with your current processes from day to day. Ideally, we recommend rounding up between 10 and 12 people for a VSM session to be its most effective.

  • Assigning roles

    Your group will need a Value Stream Sponsor and a Value Stream Champion. The Sponsor will usually be director or executive level employee that has the ability to make decisions and enact change. The Champion will be the one who gets everyone together, challenges the status quo and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and adopt new ways of working. The Champion and Sponsor will work as a balancing force throughout the VSM journey. Your Champion will likely be the one to lead and organise sessions in the future once we’ve laid the groundwork and handed you the blueprint.

  • Finding the right space

    Ideally you’ll need a large, spacious room with a projector or large screen. We’ll need a large wall that several people are able to stand in front of comfortably in order visually collaborate on the map. We’ll bring all the devices and stationery we need, so need to worry about that. We can also provide some of the templates you’ll need for independent sessions in the future.

  • Getting social

    Value Stream Mapping isn’t a ‘one and done’ deal; it’s an ongoing process and the people involved should be made aware that they’ll be coming together quite often in order to make progress. There will also be time when people outside of the process need to be brought into the loop and participate in conversations. For this, we always recommend the Sponsor and Champion coordinate ‘walk-in’ sessions where all staff members can review and discuss the output of the VSM process.

  • What you’ll be delivering

    As part of the VSM process you’ll be creating a series of ‘living artifacts’ that will evolve as things progress. These include an ‘as is’ map and a ‘to be’ map, as well as a business case and an evolution backlog. All of this will make the process easy to relate to for those in all walks of the business, carving out a roadmap from A to B as well as a cost and benefit analysis that the business can use.

  • The Ranger4 Approach

    It’s one thing to know Value Stream Mapping, but it’s another thing entirely to make it work successfully for you business. At Ranger4 we’ve spent years refining and perfecting our approach, allowing us to get to the heart of what really matters to a business and allow that business to grow, adapt and improve over time. As well as helping you organise the steps above, we will commit to a 2-day VSM workshop which lead you and your team through the whole process. During this process, we’ll make sure you’re also learning everything you need to know in order to run similar workshops independently in the future as you embrace VSM as a valuable development tool for your business. Ranger4 are more than service providers. We’re partners.

Partnering with Ranger4

Here at Ranger4, we believe that change comes from within. We’ll do everything we can to help educate, transform and evolve your business using the tried and tested techniques of Value Stream Mapping, but we also want to leave you 100% self sufficient and in control of your own destiny. We don’t keep our methods under lock and key, and we’ll help you train your own teams to facilitate VSM processes once we’re gone. Ranger4 won’t just leave you in the driving seat, we’ll give you the keys to the car.

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