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Ranger4 is Europe’s leading DevOps Evolution Consultancy, helping to deliver better software faster and more safely. Our award winning E3 suite of services makes it easier than ever for you to Explore, Educate and Evolve your business and the people in it to bring about lower costs and higher profits through spectacular levels of employee engagement, organisation and motivation.

We have been involved with helping organisations benefit from accurate and proper use of technology in some guise or other since 1991. DevOps is an evolution. It encompasses best practices from a range of systems of thought (including ITSM, Lean, Agile, The Theory of Constraints, Safety Culture, Learning Organisations and Holacracy) and world beating automation, packaged to liberate the people in your organisation to innovate and apply intelligence to decision making at a velocity previously impossible. In global markets this has never been more relevant to use digitisation to thrive not just survive. All the best companies are doing it or thinking about doing it. We have found our niche in helping identify where, when and how you start and how to make incremental, evolutionary change and maintain momentum. We believe change comes from within so our tools help organisations move the needle on their DevOps maturity using their own resources.

At Ranger4 we have a very strong focus on the cultural aspects of DevOps - the missing piece of the puzzle for many of our clients and often the key inhibitor to making change. This has come about because we repeatedly heard our clients tussling with their cultural challenges and so we developed a suite of tools to help tackle the problems around communication, collaboration, fear, blame, lack of transparency, bureaucracy that organisations regularly have to deal with - tools like The Phoenix Project Game and our training in partnership with The DevOps Institute.

We also have a strong commercial element to our approach helping organisations to be value outcome focussed and bridge business and IT (recently we have been thinking that DevOps looks more like BizIT these days). When we engage with an organisation in a discovery or assessment exercise, designed to identify where to start or accelerate DevOps capabilities, we start with the organisational why and ensure we develop a set of metrics that really matter to the business that are directly connected to the business strategy and goals - and that these can continue to be measured.

DevOps surprisingly often forgets about Ops - for example, DevOps toolchains rarely include the service desk, security is often an afterthought and Ops staff often don’t feel they have a role in the Scrum process. We help customers build The DevOps LoopTM (a continuous release cycle) and make it possible for them to measure and track the cost of a feature or idea through the development and delivery cycle AND report on the real business value it’s delivering, real time, when live.


We see time and time again organisations who have built small pockets of automation (CI/CD/CDep) but have failed to proliferate DevOps thinking. This is why we take a three step approach to every engagement:

  1. Organisation
  2. Interactions
  3. Automation

Changing culture is key to DevOps success - and the most challenging part. We humans are complex, flawed creatures who create systems and habits and display huge variance in behaviours. We help organisations daily understand who they are and how to make incremental change to a frictionfree, highly performant environment.

Idea to Value Realisation

It's difficult to describe what DevOps looks like when it's done, but the goal end state for us is to be in a position where an organisation can measure the cost of an idea or feature from inception through to production and report back to the business the value of the feature once it is live, real time. We call this Ideation to Realisation and describe it using the DevOps LoopTM. This is the ultimate Metric that Matters.